If you have a desire to learn how to build the nails yourself, you can use multiple sources of information. Firstly, it is possible to find and read many articles about this procedure in women's and specialist magazines. Second, you need video material in large quantity posted on the Internet. And finally, you can learn this directly from a good manicurist.
With a quick and inexpensive way of extending the gluing of artificial nails – tips. They are sold together with a special glue. Read the instructions carefully and proceed. Adjust the length of the nails before they stick. Prepare your nails. To do this, remove the old nail, raise and remove the cuticle, trim the burrs. Gently file each nail. Wash and dry hands.
Then lay out tips ready on the table in order to avoid confusion. You have to apply a drop of glue in the center of the nail tips and gently distribute it across the surface of the artificial material. And then take the invoice nail, hold it perpendicular to its natural, squeeze and hold for 10-15 seconds. If there were excess adhesive immediately wipe it off. When ready, cover the nail varnish.
A more complex method of nail extension using acrylic. Prepare your nails, gently sand the surface with a nail file with a large grain so that the left grooves. Nail file with a fine grain smoothen the nail surface near the cuticle. Remove dust and degrease the nails. After that, apply a very thin layer of primer.
Install the nails shape. They should snugly on the sides, otherwise the artificial nails quickly crack. Dip the brush in the liquid, wring out all the excess. Dial this brush ball of acrylic. Quickly and gently roll it across the nail with the form. Apply and roll a new ball of acrylic. Acrylic this time should not reach the cuticle, but have to blend in with the layer on the form. The third time, apply acrylic to the entire nail surface. When the acrylic has dried, treat with a nail file of the sides, and then the entire surface of the nail Polish to Shine. At the end apply a nail varnish.
The popular method of escalating of nails – application of gel. To do this manicure: treat your nails, removing the excess length. It is necessary to leave 2-3 mm for the form. Abrade the surface of your nails and cover them with the form. Apply the first coat of gel on half of the nail and extend it to the desired length on the form. Dry it under a lamp for a minute. Then apply a second layer of gel, not bringing it for a couple millimeters to the cuticle. Dry. Remove the form and give your nails a desirable look.
After that, brush again enter the gel and apply it on the middle of the nail, distributing it evenly on the sides. For a few seconds, lift the palm up and then dry the nail under the lamp. Again use the nail file to give the nails a perfect shape. And apply the latter, with a thin layer of gel. Dry the nails and make sure that within half an hour after that they did not get wet.