You will need
  • - notebook and pen - a few words combined in a sentence
Consider the sentence: "Golden dawn has risen in the East of the desert". Locate the main parts of the sentence - subject and predicate. This word "dawn rose". A subject can be a noun (most often), a pronoun, an adjective, a verb, a participle. Subject in a Russian sentence may not be at all.

The predicate is usually expressed by a verb, but can also be a noun, adjective, pronoun. The predicate also may not be at all. But one important member in the Russian offer should be mandatory.
Find the secondary members of the sentence. This definition, addition and circumstance.

Consider the definition. In our offer is the word "ruddy". The definition is usually an adjective, although it can also be expressed as communion, involved a turnover, comparative trafficking. A definition of the Russian sentence does not necessarily, although it makes the language colorful. The definition is usually before or after the defined.
Consider a Supplement. In our offer is the word "desert". The definition is usually a noun in any case except the nominative. It refers to the properties of the object, its location and other qualities. The presence of additions to the Russian proposal was also not necessarily, it only konkretisiert idea. Supplement usually comes after the noun defined.
Consider the circumstance. In our offer is the word "East". May be expressed a noun with a preposition, the participle involved in trafficking, the comparative turnover, gerund, participial turnover, adverb. Circumstance indicates where, when and how the action takes place. The presence circumstances in the Russian sentence is talking about fluency in speaking or writing a person's Russian language. May stand anywhere in the sentence.