Eczema can be chronic or acute. Chronic eczema is usually dry. Especially prone to the old animals. The acute form of the disease is usually accompanied by oozing secretions. It also affects mainly cats aged 1-2 years.
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Usually the disease goes through several stages: redness of certain areas of the skin and the formation of seals and bubbles, the appearance of pustules and weeping surfaces, the formation of scabs. Any form of eczema may be accompanied by severe itching, weight loss and febrile conditions.
Causes of eczema can be divided into external and internal. To the interior include an unbalanced diet, obesity, chronic diseases, old age, genetic predisposition, digestive problems. External stimuli can be insect bites, frequent washing or not enough skin care for cats, and mechanical damage.
Try to balance the nutrition of the animal. If necessary, reduce the consumption of meat, increase the proportion of vegetable and dairy products. Enter in the diet of a multivitamin.
Treatment of eczema includes both General and local therapy. At the first sign of eczema is recommended to give the animal an antihistamine, e.g., diphenhydramine or tavegil. In the overall therapy usually used sedatives - caffeine, bromine or other. To accelerate the withdrawal of toxic products used methenamine and furosemide. If the correlation of eczema with other diseases, it is necessary to simultaneously and their treatment.
Before you apply medical ointments or solutions, you need to gently remove the hair from the affected skin. Treat the surface with 70% alcohol. To use water when cleaning the skin is not recommended.
If the skin has already appeared peel, gently treat them with hydrogen peroxide and then remove with tweezers. In severe cases, you should apply salicylic ointment. As an antiseptic possible to apply a tincture of iodine, ethyl alcohol, tar, sulfanilamidy, antibiotics. In some cases, it is recommended to use hydrocortisone or prednisolone ointment.
There are also "folk" methods of treatment of the disease. When "weeping" eczema, it is recommended to apply compresses of the decoction of oak bark, chamomile and mallow. For wound healing use aloe Vera juice, sea buckthorn oil or vitamin A.