Suppurationusually occurs due to contact with the wound infection – dirt, dust, microfibers. If it's with you all what happened, the body begins to fight with foreign bodies with protective cells called white blood cells. Dying in this foreign particles become pus. And if this process is run, it is possible serious consequences, until the appeal to the surgeon. After all, pus, can be a source of infection for tetanus, rabies and even gangrene. If you notice that increased dramatically the temperature around the wound and observed the inflammatory processes urgently need to call an ambulance.

Sometimes, to see a specialist is not possible (for example, when a person is somewhere in nature, away) or some people just hate the opportunity to go to the doctor. In such cases, you can use a medical kit, which must be a person with you.

You need to take four sterile swab and a new bandage. The bandage should be folded several times. Two swabs soaked in a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide to gently remove pus from the wound. Then, and then another swab moistened in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, is treated this wound. At last, the fourth swab soaked in alcohol, apply the disinfectant ointment. Ointment apply it to the wound and bandage tightly, so he moved out. It is necessary to repeat daily until the wound begins to heal.

If all these measures led to a positive result – the wound continues to be inflamed and to suppurate, it is necessary mandatory referral to surgery. There will realize washed the wound, treated it with antiseptics and leave you in the hospital until improvement.

In the case where the wound still festers not only starts the process of suppuration is to open it impossible, especially at home. You need to put on the wound swab with the applied ointment with the contents of the Ichthyol. This ointment draws out the pus from the abscess. After the abscess breaks, it is necessary to carefully handle and clean until final healing.

You must remember that you need to use to disinfect and cover wounds only with sterile materials, any pieces of fabrics from clothing should be avoided. Use them only in emergencies and only with disinfecting alcohol.