Scratches and wounds occur because of the violation of the anatomical integrity of the skin and mucous membranes as a result of mechanical impact. The most common cause of abrasions, scratches and wounds careless use of piercing and cutting items in the home and at work.

Poor blood clotting – the cause of long-term healing of wounds

If the damage to the skin and underlying tissues are affected, there are located blood vessels in the wounds and scratches are usually accompanied by bleeding. Normally, the blood ceases to stand out within 1 – 3 minutes under the influence of platelets – blood cells that have the ability to increase the viscosity of the blood and "seal" the wound.
If the bleeding has not stopped within 15 minutes, a deep cut or torn edges, it is urgent to consult a doctor.
If the bleeding does not stop, it speaks to the dysfunction of blood clotting. The cause may be leukemia, hemophilia, lack of activity of platelets, anticoagulants. Poor blood clotting leads to the fact that any scratch or wound will heal very long.

The influence of infections and diseases of the internal organs in the healing of wounds

Often the danger isn't the wound and its infection of pathogenic microorganisms. The bacteria usually get into the wound of non-compliance with rules of first aid.
First aid for wounds and cuts is the removal of foreign bodies, treatment of the wound surface with antiseptic, the imposition of sterile bandages.
Infiltrated into the subcutaneous tissue germs provoke the development of inflammation: the wound is beginning to fester around her formed redness and swelling, the victim has a fever. Suppuration leads to the fact that the period of wound healing is greatly increased.

Sometimes wounds and scratches do not heal for a long time despite proper treatment. The reason in this case could set a therapist, focusing on the results of clinical trials. There are the following diseases and pathological conditions in which wounds and scratches heal bad:
- diabetes;
- cancer processes;
- anemia;
- the lack of vitamins and minerals;
- disorders of the immune system.

A person with these diseases of disturbed metabolism in the cells, which impairs the ability of tissues to regenerate. Sometimes a long healing damage – a temporary phenomenon, which may occur because of low immunity after SARS and other infectious diseases. If the issue of rehabilitation after injury is systematic, it is necessary to consult a doctor for a full examination and staging correct diagnosis.