How to treat abrasion sea buckthorn oil

Very quickly heal the wound, you can use sea buckthorn oil sold in the drugstore. It contains biologically active substances, polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins that accelerates the regeneration of tissues. Oil can be used for the treatment of both fresh and chronic skin lesions.

Saturate a cotton ball with sea buckthorn oil and apply to the injured place for half an hour. If the wound is deep, secure the cotton wool with a bandage and leave the bandage on for several hours. Repeat this procedure 2-3 times a day. The wound begins to heal within hours after the first application of sea buckthorn oil.

With the help of sea buckthorn oil can heal not only the bruises, but and superficial burns (1-2 degrees). The only condition: to apply the remedy allowed only a few hours after the injury. For bandaging it desirable to use sterile dressings, otherwise the probability of festering burn wounds.
In case of burn, the first thing you need to cool the wound. Sea buckthorn oil (and any other) creates on the skin oily film, which prevents cooling. That is why it cannot be used immediately after the injury.

Folk remedies from sea buckthorn to heal wounds

As quickly as possible to cure the wounds of not only sea buckthorn oil, but with the help of fresh berries. To do this you must RUB them through a sieve or mince, then put the resulting slurry to the damaged areas. To sea buckthorn weight is firmly held on the skin, you need to secure it with a bandage. Keep the bandage must be at least two hours. This tool heals wounds in a matter of days. Repeat procedure 3-4 times a day.
The sooner treatment is started, sea buckthorn, the greater the likelihood that the wound will heal quickly and not leave behind scars.

In the treatment of wounds in children is better not to use berries or butter and sea buckthorn decoction. For this you need 3 tablespoons of sea buckthorn to stretch their (to berries gave the juice), pour 400 ml of cold water and put on low fire. When the water boils, it is necessary to cover the container lid and continue to simmer the liquid on the minimum gas for 10-15 minutes. The finished decoction should strain and cool. You need to use it to soak the bandages and bandaging. It is important to observe the condition of the wound baby. If it does not pass within 3-5 days, you should stop treatment sea buckthorn decoction and to see a doctor.