Recovery in the postoperative period

The patient must understand that surgery does not reduce predisposition to the appearance of varicose veins, so in the first six months should be seen by a doctor and to follow a rehabilitation regime to prevent the recurrence of the disease. From the first days after surgery you will need daily bandage the legs with elastic bandages, starting from her fingertips, grasping the heel to above the knee. To wind the bandage should be tight – each subsequent round in increments of half the width of the bandage.

After three months you can replace the bandage with special elastic stockings or tights or moderate compression. In the future, when you know that there is strain on the legs, put these stockings will need always.

Immediately after surgery, you can start to do simple exercises while in a prone position – rotate and bend your ankle joints, perform movements that mimic Cycling. After you will be allowed to get out of bed, begin to walk is the best way to restore and improve venous blood flow. The length of walks adjust in accordance with their feelings, increase it gradually.

As soon as there is a feeling of heaviness in the legs and calves, it is necessary to adopt the prone position. If you can not lift the foot of the bed, pillow your feet a pillow – they don't have to lie horizontally. In the first 1-1,5 months after the activity, consider the gentle treatment avoid strenuous exercise, but gradually increase them to a couple of months to lead a normal, usual life.

Care for joints and nutrition

Let the joints to get stronger and heal so they don't disfigure your feet. The first few weeks, only wash your feet with warm water and do not use scouring pads or brushes. Exclude for six months, visiting the baths and saunas. If the healing of the stitches start to itch – grease them with iodine, it will help to relieve itching and speed up healing.

If you are overweight, you must reset is an additional load on the legs and veins. Follow a special diet, in which you can't drink carrot juice, contributing to increased blood clotting. But cherry, citrus fruits, tomatoes, pomegranates blood liquefy, so be sure to include them in your diet. In the initial period, after consultation with the doctor, you can apply medications that thin the blood and prevent blood clots: aspirin, chimes, trental.