Advice 1: How to hide the treasure

The kids love to look for treasures. It is the treasure of caring and many adults. This can be very fun to decorate home party, especially if you spend it at the cottage or on the nature. But the search for the treasure you need to be prepared, first of all it is reliable to hide the treasure.
How to hide the treasure
You will need
  • - a box or chest;
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - crayons or markers;
  • - small pieces of paper;
  • - artifacts indicating the next step of the quest.
Use as a treasure gift for the birthday boy or prizes for guests. First wrap the gift in elegant packaging, then several layers of paper or polyethylene to protect the treasure from the vagaries of the weather. Put it in a chest or box with a tight fitting lid.
Find a place. It must be such that the hunters did not immediately head there to see, but that a treasure was easy enough to find. To bury the gift is definitely not worth it. This is the first that comes to mind is all the hunters. Besides can go heavy downpour, and your whole idea will be ruined. If it happens in the country, limit yourself to a private area. There will always be a suitable stack to the frame of the well area in the greenhouse or attic. The place should be clean, but not enough to arouse suspicion. If you will certainly need to restore order there, do it before going to hide a treasure.
If you started the feast on the lawn, you must inspect it at least the day before the celebration. Look for a suitable cavity or place under the roots. The treasure is better to put directly before the holiday, otherwise it may accidentally find someone outside. In this case, try to make the packaging less noticeable as possible. For example, you can put the box in the plastic bag. Even if you find one mushroom, he will hardly pay attention to it. As the "forest treasure" is absolutely not fit to eat. Stray cats and dogs quickly cope with the packaging.
Develop a quest. One can begin there, which will bring together for the first time all the guests. Put in a prominent place some artifact that will attract attention and at the same time point to the next point of your quest. Sliver fancy dining room table makes it clear that we should go to the woodpile, and hung on a tree branch snag will tell you what you need to look somewhere at the bottom. Designations may be in the form of drawings, especially if you are dealing with young children. Adult hunters can find the appropriate quatrain, riddle of literary works, etc.
For children, draw a plan of the "island of Monte Cristo" or the ancient fortress. Mark on it the points, which can be clues. The place where the treasure is buried, do not label. The icons on the map depend on the age of the participants. Kids can draw pictures, older preschoolers and young pupils understand letters and numbers.

Advice 2: How to securely hide money

People hide money in order that they not have got someone else. Someone wants to hide a pittance, and someone very large sums of money. In each case the person shows imagination and is looking for a place that nobody can find. The reliability of a cache depends on many factors.
How to securely hide money

Why you need to hide money? In the first place private savings hidden from thieves. Money can hide from the state, neighbors and family members. Older people trying to save a pension, a stash money for a rainy day, and some want to hide stolen money.

Before you hide the money, you need to decide who it was from. This decision will depend on the place where will be your hiding place. Very often wives hide money from spouses. This happens in families where one member of the family has bad habits and maybe one day down the whole family budget. To hide the money in this case is not difficult. You can use any came to mind. It could be a cache under the floorboards, books, linens, jars of cereal, behind the mirror in the wardrobe with clothes, in the refrigerator, in the bathroom, that's how much is enough imagination.

Hide money from thieves much more difficult. If you want to Rob a thief-lover, then the security will be sufficiently strong doors with good locks. The apartments on the first floor the window on a plank. Put the money in a safe with a combination lock, so the cache can not handle petty thieves.

Very often the victim of robbers are people on their own do not care, and forgetfulness. An open door or window provides an easy access to the apartment. You can Rob the homeless, teenagers, vagrants or neighbors. In this case, grab everything that comes their way – wallet, phone, credit card, clothing, etc.

To protect against such intruders need to be vigilant and follow simple safety measures. To fool a professional thief harder. To open the most difficult lock for it is not too difficult. In addition, an experienced thief knows all the hiding places tricky. Therefore, to hide from him the accumulated funds is very difficult. If you really have something valuable, then you need to maximize the time of entry into the apartment. And the values themselves to hide so that there was no trace.

Powerful steel door and alarm system will create the process of robbery is very difficult. The more time a thief spends on the opening of the doors, the less time it will remain in search of your stash. The triggered alarm will scare the burglar. To take such a risk can only Pro and only for specific values.

The more time you spend on disguise your stash, the harder it will be to find. If you hide your money in the wall, observing all the rules of the masking and the hiding place will not prostukivaniya, find it almost impossible. If you break all the walls with a hammer, and such a cache will find, however, how much time and effort it would take.

The most reliable means is a Bank cell. Rent a Bank cell, and put all your money and valuables. There just will not get. Money on a Bank Deposit, as well well protected, however, during a crisis account may be blocked.

Hiding money wisely. You can make a few hiding places. Also a large sum of money kept in the Bank, and a small cash reserve to leave the house. That is, you need to follow the simple and safe rule is "never put all your eggs in one basket".

And the most ancient and reliable way of saving money is a treasure. If you have land, then you can bury all your valuables in the ground, as did people many years ago. Your treasures no one can find because to dig the whole plot is very difficult. Dig to the night that nobody saw.

It is not necessary to do a lot of hiding places, because hiding the money from others, to hide from itself. Don't get too attached, as they themselves forget where they have hidden.

Advice 3: How to find the treasure in the house

And for romantics, and for pragmatists, the search for treasure to bring the excitement and fun. If you have no map of the island, a former haunt of pirates, or the coordinates of the mound, where he is buried the leader of a steppe tribe, do not despair – most of the hoards found in totally mundane places, such as in abandoned buildings, mostly old , built before the revolution, not only in the former noble estates, but also in a dilapidated village houses.
How to find the treasure in the house
For the beginning scout: ask the indigenous people, ask the local legends, if possible read the materials of archives. The older the house the more wealthy people dwelt in him, the higher the chances to find anything. Even more, they increase, if the house is built rarely subjected to reconstruction or not touched at all. Especially recommended for study at home, abandoned by owners during the revolution and up to 30-ies of XX century, leaving their homes, people often tried to preserve any value in the hope of a return, but something just remained hidden and forgotten in a hurry.
The most obvious places where he could hide the treasure of the former owners – the attic and the cellar. Also of value could be hidden in door and window boxes under the boards window sills. If the building floors do not overlap, it makes sense to try to open them up. If floors are not preserved, then the small depth could remain randomly dropped coins and small items – dig small shovel or scoop, just be careful. The widespread location of the various coins under the corners of log houses, where they were laid in the construction of "happiness". If in the house there is a furnace, carefully inspect it: the treasure can be hidden in the chimney, imbedded in the wall. Often valuables were hidden between the floor of the house and the furnace or buried in the floor near the stove, as even in case of fire or destruction at home, she usually remained more or less intact and could serve as a reference.
Best of all, of course, to use when searching for treasure metal detector, preferably with the function of discrimination of metals. It is possible to go around the house, focusing on the testimony, look in the right places. If you are without the device, suspicious places in the walls and door and window boxes have rattling in anticipation of a voiced sound, pointing out the presence of the cavity, and the floor to dig blindly.
Do not forget about safety, especially if the house that you examine, run down. Do not go on the treasure hunt alone, even if you do not want to share with anyone, or in case of any accidents you will be no one to help.
Useful advice
To start make sure that the house will not claim its rightful owner, otherwise you will have problems with the authorities.
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