You will need
  • Old box with minor little thing, or chest with an old scrap – that is something that is not particularly valuable, but the discovery will be interesting. Place it is necessary to disguise the fallen leaves, twigs, etc. will need a compass and map. You can draw a map on graph paper and draw the most convenient, and the kids easier. So, for cards need paints, pencils, paper.
Hide "treasure" in an inconspicuous location, such that the kids need to use imagination and ingenuity.
How to make <strong>map</strong> <b>the treasure</b>
Make a map. For "aging" you can use remnants of old paint.
How to make <strong>map</strong> <b>the treasure</b>
On the way to achieving the goal, leave the guys clues – rocks, broken branches, etc., so the boys were sure that they were on the right track.
Directly on the place where the buried "treasure", put any label, for example, on the ground, draw "X".
How to make <strong>map</strong> <b>the treasure</b>