You will need
  • A sheet of paper, a pencil, eraser, gouache, brush fine, medium and large, water.
Place a piece of paper as you want – vertically or horizontally. You can create a graphic as a sky and landscape elements. Select one of the options. Using a simple pencil will do a small sketch.
If you use elements of the landscape that mark the horizon line. Locate objects on the ground – it can be mountains, forest, field with a lone tree and more. Then post on the sky the night star is the moon (or month – optional). It should be noted that the night sky should take this figure more than half of the sheet, if you want to show all its beauty and to focus on it. If you draw without the elements of the landscape – just one sky – that mark the moon, some great stars and, at your request, other planets, comets, and maybe spaceships.
Prepare materials for work in color. Best suited gouache paint, mixing colors, you can achieve very interesting shades of the sky. Do not use pure black color, mix it with blue, purple, emerald and others. Start filling out the figure with the background, i.e. sky. Apply paint in broad strokes, mix colors directly on the sheet without waiting for drying. Around the moon color to make a slightly lighter and gradually get him into the night. Then, write the elements of landscape, if any. They make the overall tone much darker than the sky, you can add more black and brown.
After drying the base layer, apply another, but not complete. Pour the desired color on your site look the sky, darken the top of the picture will appear in the volume. Then, preventing white gouache with a yellow (blue, emerald, pink) shall describe the moon. Bluish spots repeat pattern of craters (you can view online). Not changing the color, apply dots of stars. There may be a different number, but the more the more elegant is the night. In this respect, it is better not overdo it with the stars. Can put them together in constellations, as desired.
Blot it and select the first plan drawing strokes of black paint mixed with blue. On some objects do flare. Touch up, if needed, the sky. Add the moon and stars, color, inflicting on them a little bit of white paint. Picture of the night sky ready.