Creating paintings by using acrylic paints

Since the action happens at night, start with retouching the canvas with blue paint. Near the horizon make a rough strip with white. The top and bottom from it, apply them a few horizontal strokes with movements from right to left.

Take paint brush, dip in water, cover strokes the canvas below the surface was smooth, and the borders of the colors subtle. Above the horizon is sky. Put on a little white and yellow paint. Make a large brush to paint a few vertical strokes, which is quite a bit facing to the left.

As a result, you appeared a narrow white line of the horizon, under it – a riot of blue paint is the water, soon it will impact the city at night. Above the line of the horizon – blue sky. It is light blue with white-yellow highlights, is the lighting of homes.

Take the palette knife is a special trowel, which is used in painting. Take them with thick black paint, draw vertical rectangles. This at home, make them different heights. By using the same paint and tools, draw the line of the shore, on which there are buildings.

Mix the whitewash with yellow paint, dip the end of a palette knife in them, apply the bright point below the houses on the coastline. Cover with a mixture of these colors the top of flat roofs, few Windows, of which there is a light coming. Low knowledge can be illuminated almost completely.

Add bright colors. Let the painted night the city is lit by neon lights. This will help blue, red. Draw the reflections of the same hues on the water. During this time, your background blue paint, which was painted the river dried up, so that it is easy for her to apply other colors: red, yellow, white, black. From the coastline of the paint with the little brush strokes that are gradually narrowing.

Black and white landscape

If you want to draw a street landscape with a pencil, take in hand this tool. At the bottom of the piece of paper draw a strip, parallel to the bottom side, it's a road. Draw the dividing line. Draw 1-2 cars that travel in different directions. First, draw two round wheels, connect them feature in the middle. Further, this line goes to the right and to the left of the wheel, both sides slightly lifted upward. Then the ends go toward each other horizontally. Did you paint the bottom and side of the car, you have to represent the upper, slightly semicircular part and connect it with a newly created sidewalls.

Above the road parallel to it, do another horizontal line. This is the street. It can take a couple in love. Draw a boy and a girl and climb the sheet up. On this background draw several low-rise houses. Where the light, leave the Windows white. The remaining area houses paint over the pencil strokes or sharpen a pencil, and with this baby wool RUB them. These places are dark spots. Heaven leave the light over the houses, and on both sides of them, near the top corners of the sheet, paint slate powder.

You can insert the finished picture in a frame and admire the painted night street landscape.