First you need to make the background - this is the beginning of the pattern space. Take blue and purple watercolor. Black color use is not worth it, otherwise the picture will be twilight. If you are not afraid, then you can use this color.

To create the background need a wide brush, water and the selected paint. Dip the brush in water, lightly shake off excess water and brush on watercolor. Now the broad strokes cover the entire sheet.

The background needs to dry out well. You can then proceed to creating large and small objects. Take white paint and draw a few distant stars. They can have 4-6 correct-and coal shape or to be displayed in the form of a vague glare.

The comet is in the foreground

Let the main object of the pattern will be comet. This shooting star consists of a head and tail. The first may be either rounded or 4-6 and coal forms.

From her head in one direction leaves a few rays. This is the "tail" of the heavenly beauty. It may consist of zigzag lines. Take them orange, and yellow paint. Then the picture will appear the flaming celestial body.

If you want to draw a comet less aggressive, use white and silver in watercolor. You can add multiple strokes with a thin brush, taking the blue paint. The comet will get a glittering and mysterious.

To the celestial bodies in the picture shone, you can use a wax candle. First RUB her selected area of the canvas, and then draw on it the object in the sky with watercolors of a dark color, which added a few drops of liquid soap. After the paint dries, take a toothpick and procardia figure. These marks are formed shiny strip.

Missile or UFO?

If you want to make the main object of the picture the rocket, and that's easy. She sails the vastness of space. Take a pencil and draw the outlines first. Consider what direction it will fly. There needs to be angled her body.

It is easy to portray. Draw an oval with a pointed or rounded upper and straight lower part. Grave at the bottom of the object 2-4 semicircular line – this is the "tail" of the spacecraft. From it comes the fire that will help to create red and orange watercolor. Cover light paints the body of the rocket.

Painting space with watercolors, you can draw a UFO. Here the imagination is boundless. They can be any shape and color. Importantly, the objects were lighter than the background. Then they become expressive and beautiful look.