Draw a starry night sky. Prepare the ceiling to the drawing. First is align the ceiling. Then paint the entire surface of gloss paint to better see the bumps, and then level the surface with a putty. For the finale walk on the ceiling cloth. Please note, if you have "rusty" spots on the ceiling, it is necessary to use only high quality expensive materials.
Select a water-based paint. It will be enough simple paint, which is not very resistant to thorough cleaning. To the night sky choose a dark blue-purple color and white color for the stars. For the day sky take the light blue and white paint.
First, paint the corners of the dark blue paint. Then apply the color all over the ceiling, going from the window. This is the background of the sky. In order it turned out evenly colored, take a roller with a short (4 mm) of the fur pile. Roll the paint on the surface of the W-shaped movements. When the roller is dry, slide it across the surface where it is applied more paint to the excess absorbed.
Apply a small roller dipped in white paint and well-pressed on a special pallet, small spots. Place them in a chaotic manner across the surface of the ceiling. Now take a thin brush and thick white paint, apply dots in the sky. Some of them draw four beam arranged crosswise.
Draw the daytime sky. Prepare and paint ceiling as described above. Paint take a soft blue. In any of the corners draw a big white cloud. First, the shape of the clouds draw roller, and the border and the inner "dome" work with a thin brush with a small amount of grayish paint. In the same way complement the sky several little clouds placed randomly. It is important not to overload the figure, lots of detail to keep the atmosphere of ease.