Sun sea landed...

Again it is better to draw a sunset in pencil, then, if you would like to add rich colors with watercolors, gouache, markers or colored pencils. Interesting landscape will help to create crayons. Start the image sunset on the sea mark the line of the horizon. In this natural area it coincides with the intersection of the surface of the water with the sky.

Select size of the sun. If you want it to be great, in the middle of the horizon line draw a semicircle. It will be understood that the lower half of the lights have dropped, and the top is still visible. You can draw the sun if you painted the sunset is at a place distant from the equator. In this case, the fiery planet can sit over the sea, and the river or lake. Draw a small circle just above the horizon is the sun.

It is necessary to complement the landscape objects. Let the water surface slices through the boat. Her body position just below the horizon. It consists of two parallel lines, the nose of the boat is pointed and the back rounded. Further, from the upper part of the hull is the triangle with the point up is the sail.

To make it clear that it is the sunset light touches cover the sail, and the hull of the boat make it more dark, by clicking on the pencil harder.

In the sky, place a few horizontal stripes, leading pencil right and left. Around the sun you do not need to see the light about him. Pencil will help to show the glare on the water, which casts a celestial body. Drive the artist's tool to the right and to the left and slowly move to the foreground of the picture. Strokes should be short – 2 cm Deviate from them as much again, again lead the shadow track from the horizon almost to the foreground of the picture.

Make several of these shadow paths between them were visible light. Right and left, at the confluence of water and sky, draw a small chain of mountains that was visible the distant shore. In the foreground you may want to draw grass, large stones.

Sunset in the forest

Mesmerizing and picture where the sun sets over the trees. Draw jagged horizontal line at the junction of the sky with the tops of the trees. Some are higher, others slightly lower. Some pointed, others grow in the form of a semicircle. Here's a you should get this line.

Select where on the landscape will be situated lowered the sun in the middle, left or right. On this spot, just above the treetops, was shining place. Where it falls, the crown of light, on both sides portray it darker. The farther away from the glittering stars, the forest darker. Draw the trunks of the trees, making the shadows more intense for those located further away from the sun.