You will need
  • - thick paper for watercolor (Whatman);
  • - brushes (thin and thick);
  • - watercolor;
  • - white gouache;
  • - toothbrush;
  • - water.
To get the original drawing, draw a space in the circle. Take a thick brush, dip it in clean water and walk on the sheet of paper. This is necessary in order to get a beautiful divorces. It is best to start painting the space bright colors, took yellow, orange, red and blue. Use chaotic brush strokes that the transitions between the colors looked more natural.
How to draw space
Spread on a palette of several shades of rich blue, mixing them with purple and black paint. To draw a space with watercolors, apply dabs of fast chaotic movements, not forgetting to wash the brush in water for each new shade. So the color of the sky will clean and sharper, and the stains will look spectacular.
How to draw space
Move from the center to the sides, filling the makeshift outer circle colors. Don't be afraid to go with a brush on an already dry region, altering the pattern of the cosmos in the process and adding some areas of saturation.
How to draw space
When you fill in the whole circle of paint, you can begin to work on the details. Take a thin brush and go red and yellow in the center of the glow. A color gradient will be more interesting, doing a stellar nebula colorful.
How to draw space
Want to draw a space with millions of stars? Then wait until the figure is completely dry, take a tooth brush, dip it in white gouache and leave them on the sheet spray, gently slide your finger along the bristles.
How to draw space
Below the drawing space has become more interesting, you can draw on top of the world. This white gouache draw circles of different sizes. Once the paint is dry, a thin brush, apply a colored dot strokes, not forgetting the semi-circular shadow on one side of the planet.
How to draw space