You will need
  • paper;
  • - colors.
  • - brush;
  • wax.
Consider the plot of your drawing. It may be your imagination of space, images based on real photos, or even fantastic battles with aliens. Depending on the story will be based the composition of the work. Plan ahead the key objects in your drawing, especially if you want to do with it, the real story. Mark the items with a thin pencil strokes, which you will paint.
Start with the background. Discard the stereotype that outer space must be black. For inspiration you can browse the photos in real space: you will see that the color palette is very rich there. Bold strokes cover sheet, choosing saturated or pastel shades in its sole discretion. The background will turn most colorful, if you use gouache, acrylic or oil paints. After completing let it dry (when operating with oil to wait for the drying is not necessary).
Draw the principal and secondary objects. At this stage, follow the main principle: the colors of the depicted objects must be lighter than the background. Use contrast, saturated colors and blurred shapes.
Take a few colors of shades of white (from listopadnyh to white lead) and create with them a light glare. Be sure to consider that your drawing is a light source.
Try different effects to make your creation truly cosmic. You can use fluorescent or glow in the dark paints: paint them a few items and your work will look alive and textured.
In addition, you can achieve interesting effects with wax. RUB them a small piece of paper for future drawing. After paint will be applied and dried, swipe the surface with a sharp object to obtain three-dimensional image. This way you will be able to make, for example, the relief on celestial bodies.