Advice 1: How to install barcode in 1C

A barcode is a sequence of white and black stripes, which displays some information. This is one of the most common identification systems used worldwide. The code usually consists of 13 digits.
How to install barcode in 1C
You will need
  • computer;
  • - 1C.
Download a special font to print the barcode in the "1C: Enterprise". To do this, follow the link,com_docman/task,doc_download/gid,45/Itemid,12/ and download the file Eangnivc.ttf. Then copy it to the default folder with the fonts of the operating system. Typically, this directory Windows/Fonts.
If the barcode is installed in the system but not printed in the program, navigate to the fonts directory. Find where this file and double-click it with the left mouse button. This action will complete it's activation, and will allow you to use the barcode in 1C.
Install barcode configuration "Trade and a warehouse". In this case, you must use the ActiveBarcode. Go to the folder with the database 1C: Enterprise, find the installation file called Barcod.ocx.
Copy it to a folder C:/Windows/System32. Next, using the "start" button go to main menu, click "Run". In the box type the following command: Regsvr32.exe C:/Windows/System32/barcode.ocx click "OK".
Install a two-dimensional barcode. This code is used in the program "1C: Accounting" for printing tax returns. Go to the title page, then open second tab and select "Print two-dimensional bar code".
Next, click "Print" select "Print all worksheets" or "Show all sheets". The program will generate a file and then converting it into a two-dimensional barcode. It will be distributed across the tiles of the Declaration. Download the file from here:,com_docman/task,doc_download/gid,46/Itemid,12/. With administrator privileges run the file Setup.barcodelib.exe.

Advice 2: How to install the program 1C

"1C: Accounting" - it's practically essential software for automating the management, tax and accounting. It is used at the enterprises of absolutely different forms of ownership and activities. Installation of 1C: Accounting is not a difficult task as it might seem at first glance.
How to install the program 1C
You will need
  • 1C: Accounting
The process of install and run 1C: Accounting is divided into several stages:
1. Installation of 1C: Accounting.

2. The installation configuration.

3. The installation of the protection key.

4. Setting up a network connection (for network versions).
Install the CD program into the drive and wait for AutoPlay. In the main setup menu, select 1C: Enterprise. Accounting."
Choose a location to save the program and proceed with the installation. In the window asking for "Name" and "Organization", you can specify any data, it has no effect on the future work programme.
As a rule, all software products of 1C protected electronic keys HASP. After the installation is complete,turn off the computer and insert the key into the parallel port connector. Then turn on the computer, open the start menu, go to the tab "All programs" and open the submenu "1C: Accounting". Select "driver Installation"). Local version of the program ready to use.
When you first start, select the database to which you want to connect and click Ok. During the first startup of the information base, the program will load longer than usual, because the operation is performed the construction of the supporting documents.
During network installation, files are copied to the system directory Windows computers users.
The installation of the network version of 1C is better done on server operating systems. Position the configuration of the program and its information base on the server in a folder with open access. Connect this folder to users as a network drive.
In order for the electronic key of the protection is "seen" by other users of the network, on the server where it is installed, run the "Server protection".
To do this, click "start", point to "All Programs" and in the submenu "1C: Accounting" click on the "secure Server". In the opened window, start the server.
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