You will need
  • - personal computer;
  • printer;
  • paper for printer;
  • - Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Microsoft Access, FoxPro or Excel.
The bar code usually prints on the label producers. If you are printing it yourself, the barcode you have to print yourself.
Open one referred to in the section "You will need" software, create a new document.
For printing a barcode select the font to True Type Font. This is the code font. When you select this font, all information will be printed in the form that you need.
Type the desired information, place the barcode image in the desired form and print it.
As practice shows, the best barcode to apply directly on the label. A so-called thermal printers print labels already printed on them the bar code, if they will be laid in advance of the corresponding program. You will only have to paste on goods are ready label.
Barcodes are usually applied to ensure easy identification of a product as well as its transportation and storage. The information required by producers and sellers. For consumers it is, basically, useless.