Advice 1: How to install ActiveX control

An ActiveX control usually called a COM or OLE object, in complexity reaching the module designed to control or run scripts the web pages.
How to install ActiveX control
Help menu the Microsoft Windows operating system by pressing the "start" button and click "All programs" for the operation of the installation of the ActiveX control.
Run the application Internet Explorer and open the tools menu of the top toolbar of the program window.
Select "Internet options" and click on the "Security" tab of the resulting window.
Click "Other" under "security Levels" and specify the desired parameters of the element "information Bar" that allows you to perform the following actions:
- display a pop-up window;
- install the ActiveX controls;
- upload the selected file;
- execute active content to run the downloaded file;
- run ActiveX controls is disabled when safe mode.
Return to the main menu "start" and enter gpedit value.msc in the text box of the search string to perform the operation of editing parameters of the tool install ActiveX controls.
Confirm the command to run the tool "group policy Editor" by pressing the function key Enter and click the Yes button in the opened query window system.
Expand "computer Configuration" double click and navigate to "Administrative templates".
Select "Windows Components" and select "local computer Policy".
Open the link "ActiveX installer Service" and open the context menu of the element "Web sites allowed to install Activex control" by right-clicking the mouse.
Enter the Edit command and use the check box on "Enabled" in the dialog box.
Click "Show" under "Settings" and enter the desired URL in the field "parameter Name", the following dialog box.
Apply the check boxes for the required fields of the parameter values installer service:
- installing ActiveX controls that have trusted signatures;
- installation of a signed ActiveX control.
- installing unsigned ActiveX controls;
- exceptions when errors HTTS connection
confirm and apply the selected changes by pressing the OK button.

Advice 2 : How to install an activex control

Activex controls are small programs, often called add-ins that are used in Internet sites. Their main purpose is to create comfort for the user: for example, using this add-in you can animate objects in the browser window.
How to install an activex control
You will need
  • - a personal computer with access to the global network.
The website, which used entertainment application, add to the zone of trusted sites. To do this, open "control Panel" and select "Internet options". Here (in the tab "Security") activate the "Trusted sites" and click on the "Nodes". Get default command "For all sites in this zone require server verification (https:)". Instead, in the box, type in the address of the desired website. Then click the button "Add".
In the tab "security" click on "Other" and in the opened screen window, select the option "scripting of ActiveX controls marked as safe" by selecting the choice field "Allow". Confirm all changes and close this window.
Open the site that was added to trust zone. Go to the tab "Service" the link "Information". Then you are prompted to install the activex control. Click on the information bar and visiteuses menu, select the option "Install this add-on".
After the browser starts downloading the plugin, the screen will display the new query: "Set?" Click on the "Install" button. Then, when completed the installation of this component in the status bar of the browser (lower part) is displayed with the message "done". Close this window.
Installing activex, ensure that the web site is trustworthy! Often, this plugin can be used by site owners to track visited by the PC user of Internet resources but also to gain access to personal information. In addition, the activex control may contain software code that enables the malware to use this plugin for their own purposes.
Useful advice
If a PC user wants to install an activex control, selecting installation control in Internet Explorer you need to click on "Not start".

Advice 3 : How to enable ActiveX controls

Elements of ActiveX are used not only web browsers but also programs of Microsoft Office, e.g. MS Outlook or MS Publisher. Before activating this option, you must ensure that the information was received from a trusted source.
How to enable ActiveX controls
You will need
  • The Windows operating system.
Most often, ActiveX controls are enabled after the advent of the appropriate pop-up messages. Click "Settings" to open the applet "security Settings". Here you should select "Enable this content". Content loaded using ActiveX will be active only for the current session.
Note to display the alerts for the Internet browser, and programs from Microsoft Office — they will be different. In the first case, the alerts can be seen on the message bar, in the second case — in any dialog box.
For Microsoft Office documents notifications can be canceled once and for all. It is necessary to move the object to another area of security — trusted location. If you change any security settings in one program office package, these add-ins are automatically applied to other utilities and editors.
In a text editor MS Word to enable ActiveX controls, press the big button with the logo of Microsoft Office. In the menu go to "Word Options" at the bottom of the open window. Then select "trust Center".
In the window that appears, click "trust center Settings security." Click with the left mouse button on the link "ActiveX Settings" and select any option.
In the editor of formulas MS Excel to enable ActiveX controls, press the big button with the logo of Microsoft Office. Then click "Excel Options" and go to "trust Center". Open the "trust center Settings" and select "ActiveX Settings". Here also, as in the previous case, you must choose one of the options.
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