You will need
  • printer.
Create an invoice in the program "1C:Accounting" on the basis of available documents using the menu sales of goods and services. Once the document check the correctness of your data, print the document to the printer using connected to your computer printer or save the document for future printing.
If you want to edit the invoice, edit the document in Microsoft Office Excel or any other editor-analogue. Perform a repair of the document form the desired pattern or at your discretion, then print the document to print via the Excel menu "File" or save it to your computer's hard drive at your discretion.
You can do this with other documents of the programs installed on your computer, however, sometimes it is quite difficult to edit the document in another program, you can use special converters or file managers.
If you experience certain problems with the use of the software and the main functions of the program "1C:Accounting" enroll in special courses organized in almost every village. Also you can increase your level of knowledge through self-study additional literature or visiting a variety of resources dedicated to 1C.
Also try to read carefully the related program releases and delve into the differences between the versions of 1C. Also sign up on forums of programmers and accountants who work with 1C for a more rapid resolution of any difficult situations that often arise during the conduct of automated accounting at the enterprise and don't forget to contact technical support.