Advice 1: How to install 1C warehouse

To install 1C "Trade+warehouse" you need almost any computer, preferably with an operating system of the Windows family, any medium with the program 1C "Trade+warehouse" with a secure key corresponding to the platform configuration. Nothing complicated in the installation program: you just need to follow prompts that pop up on the monitor and to perform all of the proposed actions. You need to install the program itself, the protection system and configuration database and enter the correct key to the program.
1C "Trade+warehouse"
You will need
  • media, computer
Before you set for 1C "Trade+warehouse, you need to take care of a secure key. It can be obtained either when you purchase a package of 1C "Trade+warehouse, or buy separately from the official distributors. In this case it would be better to purchase the full package as guarantee the normal operation of the purchased program is much higher. Besides, along with software sold by educational literature and sometimes free help service.
So, you began to install. Do not be afraid of the abundance of files: to start the installation from the installation file called setup.exe. When it is opened, installation of 1C "Trade+warehouse" will start automatically. Then you need to install the HASP is system protecting software from illegal use, but its installation required in any case. It will open on their own, and in the pop-up will need to press the "YES" button. Then appears the field for entering the key. If you have a license key for 1C "Trade+warehouse, you just have to enter it, and if not, you will have to operate alternative. In particular, it is possible to install an emulator, which is often attached to downloaded programs.
Then you need to set the configuration appropriate to your platform. For example, if you installed 1C "Trade+warehouse 7.7, then the configuration must match it. In case of purchase of licensed software such problems should not arise, but when downloaded different versions of software, it is important not to make mistakes. To set the configuration you want in the templates directory. By the way, the latest version is 8.2, and it is best to install it, although many prefer to stay on the 7.7, because they are so comfortable. Then you need to run the program, select "Add" - "create new" - "create from template" and choose the template You installed. Installation of 1C "Trade+warehouse completed, and Your database is created.
Useful advice
1C "Trade+warehouse" is one of the most sophisticated tools for management of warehouse inventory. Most often, the installation of 1C "Trade+warehouse" is produced by professionals, but it can also be done independently: there is nothing particularly complicated about it, and to cope with it any more or less competent PC user. For this you will need: a computer on which to install, CD with software, or file with the program on any carrier, key or emulator to the program. The computer will use any of: system requirements minimum. The operating system can also be practically any, but preferably all of Windows, suitable for both 32-bit and 64-bit. On Linux the installation of 1C "Trade+warehouse" is also possible, but guarantees it to work properly there.

Advice 2: How to install license Windows

License operating system of your computer is the guarantee of a full, safe operation and quality technical support. Official Windows can be set independently.
How to install license Windows
You will need
  • licensing Windows;
Purchase of licensed operating system for your personal computer. Lean on the technical characteristics of your PC. Note that Windows 7 and Windows Vista uses about 1 Gb of your RAM.
Start your computer and go into BIOS. Tab download priorities and setting the clock frequency of the PC. First check the loading drive (CD-ROM or DVD-ROM). In the second place, you must put the boot hard drive. Save the changes and exit this menu.
Insert the operating system disk in the drive. Then restart the computer. Will start reading. After some time a dialog box will appear activation. Enter your license key and click Next.
The computer will start copying the boot files of Windows. Next, open the menu, select virtual hard disk partition. Select the drive “C”. You need to perform formatting. Press “F” key. Format the system to NTFS format. Restart personal computer.
Will continue installing the operating system on your PC. When a dialog box appears "user Account, specify the account name and the password for it. Next, select the time zone in the computer.
After installation reboots the PC. Now download from the manufacturer's website the drivers for all devices connected to the PC. Will ostavite them and reboot the system so all changes and updates took effect.
Go to the website of the manufacturer of the operating system and activate your copy. This will give you the opportunity to obtain technical assistance and download the latest updates for your OS.
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