You will need
  • A personal computer running 1C.
Open 1C in a Configurator mode and immediately go to the processing tab. Then look in the list of data processing called "Print Labels". Open it by double-clicking on the tab.
On the screen there will be several tabs, you'll need only one of them – the table tab: use this tab should be like a regular table. Typed and saved in her price tags can easily be formatted by changing the size, text, font and frame.
Size change price tags make by decreasing or increasing with the mouse. All the rest of the text (font size, text location, frame thickness and other parameters) is performed after clicking on the text on the right button mouse and selecting "Properties".
If necessary, in the same tab-the table can change the appearance of the receipt, adding, for example, the amount of discounts, articles, and other information. The adaptation of cash register receipt for the needs of commercial enterprises in the framework 1C, to carry out quite simple.
When completed, save all the changes made. For the safety net to prevent data loss in case of failure, make a backup of changed data.
The pricing mechanism in 1C, as well as the procedure for making an adjustment to the price tags in this collective program is simple to implement. When setting a new price program fixed the date, which will operate the innovation. This allows you to make changes in prices, registering multiple price types, for example, for cash and cashless payment.