Connection method

In order to connect your smartphone to your computer, you need to have the appropriate cable. This cable usually comes with the phone upon purchase. Most often now there are cables type microUSB. If you have cable, you can go to the electronics store and buy a cable there, just in case taking the phone to the consultant was able to pick up the right cable.

If the computer has a bluetooth adapter, you can connect the smartphone to the computer without wires. It is enough to turn on your smartphone and computer bluetooth and to make them visible to each other.

Sometimes included with the smartphone is the drive that has the software to properly connect your smartphone to the computer. However, this practice is gradually becoming obsolete, as almost all modern computers will automatically detect the type of device you connect.

The purpose of the connection

The main goal of connecting smartphone to computer - transfer data. In order to do this, it is necessary when you connect your smartphone to translate it into flash mode-media data. In other words, the smartphone will be visible to the computer as a regular USB flash drive on which to transfer data.

If you have a need to work with a memory card of a smartphone, then it is not necessary to connect it to the computer. Enough to remove the memory card and use a special device - card reader.

Another goal is to connect the smartphone to the computer - the Internet. Modern smartphones can be used as a 3G/4G modems with the help of which people can get online. But do not forget that this method of connection of the smartphone affect its battery is not in a good way.

With the appropriate software, the smartphone can be used as a webcam or microphone.

Features connect your smartphone to the computer

At the moment the most common cables to connect these devices to the computer are the cables of type microUSB and miniUSB. The exception is Apple products, which includes connectors of a unique type. Type cables mini USB becoming less common, due to the fact that Europe is ready to move to a single standard cables for gadgets.

If you connect your smartphone to your computer with the purpose of charging it, it will not be quite the right solution. The standard USB connector of computer gives a current of 500 mAh, while the majority of modern smartphones is necessary for the charging current to 1 A. Yes, the smartphone will still be charging, but it will happen extremely slowly or will not occur if the smartphone is running many programs and processes.