The reasons for feed refusal may be a few. Most often, categorical disregard of food means that the animal just don't like the master brand. Cats have personal preferences, sometimes very strange. They do not depend on breed – sometimes titled Persian, or Sphinx with pleasure eats all the proposed and selected in the garbage, the cat refuses to expensive professional feed. Try changing the brand. It is best to buy several small packages or to buy pellets in bulk. Sooner or later you will find a variety that your cat will approve.

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Sometimes the rejection of the granules means that the animal is tired of dry food. Offer him canned food – the cats eat them readily. Some Pets prefer food paste, others prefer the structure of the slices in jelly. No need to overly diversify the cat's table – if your beast has approved shrimp paste, buy it. But pate venison or salmon it can reject. Do not change your pet's diet unnecessarily.

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It is best to alternate wet and dry food. Usually cats are willing to get canned, but at bedtime I prefer "cutting". Some owners prefer to leave a bowl with dry food freely available, so that the cat can eat at any convenient time.

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If the pet refused to feed, remove the bowl. Next time offer him a new batch, poured from a closed package. Fresh food has more appetizing smell, which is likely to interest the cat. Keep bowls – some animals refuse to eat if their dish is covered with the dried remains of the previous meal. Keep dry feed pellets was not included in the water – soaked "dried" cats are usually rejected.

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If the animal is refused re-proposed food, pay attention to its condition. Refusal of food is one of the signals of illness. The cat is hiding, doesn't drink or goes to the toilet, assumes unnatural positions? Maybe he was sick. In this case, do not delay your visit to the vet. Cat ailments are often asymptomatic, but you cannot ignore them – so easy to miss a serious illness or injury.

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