Start with small amounts of food. Well, if you are accustomed to such food a little kitten that besides milk there is nothing else in life have not tried. But if you have many years fed his Mouser meat and sour cream and all of a sudden, without warning, fill his bowl with some obscure grains, most likely, nothing but gentle confusion on the part of the animal in the answer you get. Don't start with large portions, try first just buy a cat a few dry pellets, so he could evaluate their taste and aroma.
After the cat will understand that the strange stones which you offer, can be eaten, start the next stage. Natural products gradually replace the dry food. If an animal eats a new food willingly, just give him first a small amount of feed, and then, as a reward, a little comfort food. If eating problems and the cat refuses to eat what you offer, you must act differently. Offer the cat a small amount of feed and do not give any other food as long as he will not eat. Your task is to produce a reflex. The animal must clearly understand that first need to cope with the peas, and then they would give him meat.
Gradually increase the amount of dry food and decrease the amount of natural. Manufacturers of animal food added to their products substance that attracts cats. Therefore, eating dry tablets, contrary to the opinion of many breeders, is a great appetite. The cat just needs to get used to her food now looks as follows. Remember that your main task is to transfer the animal on dry food. To combine natural food and balanced feed, unfortunately, impossible. Or do you feed meat, or poured into a bowl of dry food. The third is not given.