Advice 1: Put the cat on dry food

There is no consensus regarding the benefit or harm of dry feed for animals. But breeders often prefer dry feedmeters because they are convenient, inexpensive, vitamin-enriched and balanced in composition. If the cat eats natural products "off the table" so as not to harm her health, to transfer to dry feed should be gradually and correctly.
Put the cat on dry food
Learn the range of dry cat food in different price segments. Pay special attention to the composition, quality, shelf life and the manufacturer's recommendations written on the packaging. The fact that after the transition to dry feed, the animal will not be able to feed natural food to provide additional vitamins. All the nutrients, vitamins, and health should be included in the composition of the dry feed. Of course, preference should be given to feedm premium and super premium class (Hills, Royal canin, Iams). To combine such feed with wet food of the same brand is not recommended.
Translation of animal on dry food should be within 7-10 days. And only under the condition that your cat is healthy, regularly goes to the tray, playful and not pregnant. Before you change your diet, veterinarians recommend to pay attention to the habits of a cat. If the cat is not drinking water, then transfer to a dry feed such an animal is undesirable, otherwise you can suffer kidney and bladder. These animals plenty of fluids usually get from wet food. But there is a simple method: first dry food for your pet should be lightly soak.
In the early days at the dosage recommended on the packaging of dry feed, pay attention not to be. In the first and second day to the traditional diet of cats mix in the new food. It will be enough 10-15 "crackers". Dry food should be soaked in food, throwing directly into the bowl. Despite the fact that the food is moistened, thoroughly ensure that the animal always have fresh water in sufficient quantity. In the future, the cat that eats only dry food needs to drink 4 times more water than the amount of eaten feed. Otherwise, the animal increases the risk of kidney stones (especially in cats).
Every day the number of added soaked feed should be increased two times. The volume of natural food proportionally reduce. If the cat refuses to eat the soaked dry food, leave it in the bowl untouched, try to change the manufacturer and pour the "chips" separately without mixing.
The 10th day of the diet of cats completely eliminate all foods other than dry feed. Do not feed the animal "off the table", don't give her the remnants of his food. Now your cat should be fully transferred on dry food.
How to translate <em>cat</em> <b>dry</b> food
Cats it is advisable to only feed one type of feedintended for adult cats. The dose is calculated according to the instructions printed on the package, and depends on the weight and age of the animal. Kittens can eat dry feed its various types and tastes offered by producers.
How to translate <em>cat</em> <b>dry</b> food
The animal has already been translated into dry food, with great difficulty returned to feeding wet food. The fact that the masticatory apparatus and digestive system of an animal adapted to eat the type of food - dry or natural - and they cannot be mixed.

Advice 2: Put the cat on a natural food

There are many conversations about how to organize a proper feeding of cats. Dry food is much more convenient for owners, but those owners who are genuinely concerned about the health of their Pets, prefer a natural diet. To accustom the animal to him even after a long feeding dry food.
Put the cat on a natural food
You will need
  • - meat products;
  • - cereals;
  • - vegetables;
  • - dairy products;
  • - vitamins and minerals.
If you are going to transfer a cat on a natural food, remember that the responsibility for a balanced diet falls squarely on the owner. The food is off the table for cats are not suitable, as original did not look taste preferences of the animal in the form of chocolate or fried potatoes. On how to properly feed an animal, it is best to consult with a specialist.
Go natural cat food gradually. On the first day add to the usual dry product only a tenth of the meat. On the second day, increase its content to 20 percent, and so for 10 days, while the dry food will not be completely eliminated.
You can try to prevent natural foods with powdered narrow food or liquid food, as the love for dry food called its special smell, pleasant for the cat.
Try to choose the most appropriate for cats product. Maybe she doesn't eat beef, but do not give up chicken. First, the animal will just get used to the taste of whole foods, forget about dry food. Is it too late for her diet can be expanded.
A more radical method is a sudden and complete rejection of dry food. The only problem is that some animals absolutely do not want to eat natural food, deliberately starving a few days. It is doubtful that the animal will be able to consciously starve themselves, but not every loving owner will be able to sustain such a protest.
Useful advice
While the animal is at the stage of transition from dry food to natural, it may refuse food or eat very little. In order for the products is not lost, and did not have to waste time preparing new batches, you can freeze a few small containers of prepared meat in the freezer. Before feeding will only defrost food.

Advice 3: What is it made of dry cat food

The composition of dry feed for cats may enter a variety of ingredients. Buying food for the animals, you should not choose the cheapest options, focusing only on the fame of the manufacturer.
What is it made of dry cat food
The stores of dry feed for the animals presented in a wide variety. Often the owners of cats get lost and can't understand what kind of food in bright packaging will be better and better. You can buy feed premium or save money and choose the cheaper option. But which option is better for your pet?

Varieties of fodder

To figure out which feed is suitable to the cat more than others, the attentive owner will try to see the composition. Dry food for cats are divided into classes is a premium, super-premium, economy. Of course, in composition they differ greatly.
If you want to keep your cat healthy and full of energy, it is not necessary to buy food, focusing only on its availability.

Feed economy class (for example, "Whiskas", "kitiket") sold in supermarkets, is made from low quality raw materials. Meat content in them is 4-6%. It's mostly offal, which add to the soy and low grade cereals. In such feed added substances that to the cat's body are not useful. In addition, the regular use of such food in the body there is a deficiency of amino acids, vitamins, which not only the metabolism but also may have an allergic reaction, upset digestion, are not excluded, and other health problems.

Feed grade premium is slightly better in terms of quality. In the manufacture of such feeds out good products. Meat products included in the feed, are used as the main source of protein. Because the body digests these foods much better, there will be less undigested waste. The meat content is 10-20%.

Feed super ("Royal Canin"). Here the composition is balanced perfectly, the nutritional value is very high, the body of cats digest these foods just fine. For making selected high-quality components are poultry, meat, Turkey, chicken, lamb, eggs, cereal. These foods don't contain synthetic additives, and meat is a big part of them.
Carefully study the composition, which is indicated on the packaging - the ingredients may be not only useless, but frankly harmful.

Why you should not feed your cat cheap food "economy"

The owners, of course, they choose pet diet alone, but you must consider several important points. The contents of grain in the feed does not benefit a cat's body, because this component, they almost do not assimilate. Despite the fact that the physiological needs of cats are not satisfied with that food, they are willing to eat a large number of such feed – they attract flavourings.
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