Start feeding is necessary with milk. While cow milk is not suitable. You can take powdered milk with a pinch of sugar or a medium-chain fatty. In the first day only two teaspoons. Then increase the daily amount of milk to one spoon.
How to teach <b>kitten</b> to the food
A month and a half you will face a choice – what to feed? This can be a special feed for animals or normal "human" food. If your choice is for natural products, then after 1.5 months, start to feed the kittens mushy food. In this case, may be suitable as baby food, and pureed cottage cheese and low-fat yogurt.
You need to remember the following thing – food should be varied. This is necessary in order to kitten in my childhood I used to have it all. An adult cat is very difficult to accustom to the fact that she had not eaten. So you need variety to your pet received adequate nutrition. Don't forget to add in the diet more or less adults, kittens meat. The best option is beef, but the pork shouldn't. You can give fish (preferably sea) once a week. Curd is very useful at a young age. Also treat kittens with cheese, sour cream and eggs.
For the growing body with the necessary herbal products. For young kittens cook porridge with milk, for a more adult - broth. Do not forget that your kitten needs to be constant access to water.
Diet is important not less, than you will feed the kitten. From 1.5 to 4 months feed 5 times a day. With 4 to 5 months of age go to 4 meals a day. From 8 months - 3 meals a day, and gradually accustom pussy to eat 1-2 times a day.
Do kitten have to be a place for table and its utensils. Do not accustom him to eat from the table. Otherwise, grow up a beggar.