Despite the fact that specialists suggest to feed the animal, not just cat food, diet normal domestic cat mainly consists of fodder and human food (cheese, sausage, fish, dairy products. Although the cat can successfully eat this way for many years, we should not forget about the difference in the nature of man and that animal, their food may not be the same. Food largely consists of preservatives, dyes, flavors, food additives that make any food delicious, but all of these substances the cat is contraindicated.

Quality cat food is improving with every year, but, nevertheless, it is not created for constant feeding nor cats, nor even to humans. Emptying into the bowl the animal once the liquid bag of cat food, the person feels an attractive scent that excites the receptors and food seem like meat jelly or goulash. But it is attractive smell and limited. Those brave souls who dared to try cat food, argue that it is not so interesting and the texture is just disgusting. Dry cat food is hardly similar to saltines, although the smell may seem so.

Some people believe that cat food can be fully eaten, if a little to handle it and add spices. But it's not even the disgusting taste, and that the composition of cat food selected for the body of a cat, not a person, and many elements of the food for human are not only necessary but perhaps even contraindicated. For example, contained in the feed taurine is vital for a healthy cat, but for a person per day it must be quite a bit, and the excess will only harm. A large number of in the feed of fiber does not make it healthy food, as a matter of fact it will only help for some time to appease hunger, but no useful nutrients people do not get it. The constant use of cat food can completely disrupt the human digestive system, therefore, health problems are inevitable.