Hidden hypnosis

Hidden hypnosis is a direct psychological impact on podsoznanie person, which bypasses his consciousness. It is practiced by Milton Erickson. Later he developed his technique, which was recognized worldwide. Today she is known to many under the name of "Ericksonian hypnosis"

Ways of influencing human

According to Milton, to influence a person in two ways: on a physiological and psychological level.

Physiological impact on person is copying poses, facial expressions and gestures of the hypnotized person.

On a psychological level, it is possible to change the thinking of the interlocutor.However, it is necessary to initially determine personality type. In a hidden psychological hypnosis there are three types of people: visual, auditory and kinesthetic


Such a person's eyeballs will move up-left or up - right, which suggests that the other person in the conversation often uses visual images. It also can send look at one point and take a pensive look. In his speech he often uses momentum: Consider, note, imagine, and so on.


The sight of such a person will be directed left or right. Auditory oriented hearing. In conversation they will always pay attention to the fact that once heard. Such people are good at remembering melodies and songs. In gesture sometimes they can tap items on the table, depicting thereby a motive. Hypnotists often use a personal ringtone as gift, because by repeating the same melody, they are able to easily enter in trance. In his speech, the auditory is most often used words: "Tell, listen, hear, and so on.


Such people think on the basis of bodily sensations. They are easy to remember hunger, cold, heat and so on. Kinesthetic able to understand the other bodily experiences of pain, illness, insect bites and more. In conversation, their view will be napravlen down to the right. As for eye movement down and to the left, it can be used by all people, as it means control of speech. In communication kinesthetic guided by the phrases: "I felt, I felt, I was surprised and so on.

Where to use hidden hypnosis

If important negotiations need to convince people to your point of view, some rules of covert hypnosis can help. Modern marketers often use the Gypsy method. This is when there is an overload of consciousness. Person download great information and strong gestures.

How to protect yourself from covert hypnosis

The most effective way is ignoring. You can also ask counter-questions, to be distracted by the surroundings.