You will need
  • - the policy of the MLA or LCA;
  • - passport;
  • - the insurance pension certificate.
To get free medical care, contact the clinic registry at the place of residence or in the dental clinic. Present medical health insurance, insurance pension certificate, passport. You will be given a ticket to the reception to the doctor.
At the specified time and specified in the ticket queues you can get help in rehabilitation of oral cavity, dentist consultation. If you need dentures, you will hold it totally free in turn.
All the raw materials for the installation of seals, pain management, prosthetics are paid from the budget of compulsory health social insurance. If you are not satisfied with the raw materials and you want to install a quality seal, hold reliable pain relief or to get quality dentures, then for a fee you will do everything in accordance with latest international standards of quality. And she dental care will still be provided free of charge under policy OMS.
If you have acute pain or an abscess, make an appointment to the dentist is not necessary. All clinics and dental clinics provide help in emergency cases with acute pain out of the lineup and completely free. Enough to go to the dentist's office, to inform the queue that you have a sharp pain and go to the doctor.
To receive advanced dental services for medical assistance you can absolutely free if you have medical insurance policy, which often draw employers to all employees as an incentive bonus or additional social package. Also the policy on voluntary medical insurance you can apply yourself if you personally contact the medical insurance company that has a state license to conduct insurance activities on the territory of the Russian Federation.