In many cities, there is always one or more of the dental emergency rooms. They work round the clock and accept even in the absence of medical insurance, only a passport. Emergency visits only to patients who have acute dental pain caused by craniofacial trauma. But the Manager can give you addresses and phone numbers of dental emergency rooms. Usually they work at the clinics.
If the condition allows, it is better to drive to the emergency room, which has diagnostic equipment. Making x-rays, the doctor will know that your tooth. Care is provided by dentists clinics, but because often after the initial emergency admission the doctor writes you the next day, allowing you to avoid waiting of coupons and queues.
If the tooth cannot be cured, the doctor will remove it through the necessary pain relief. With festering open the abscess, will hold drainage of the wound and wash it. If in the emergency room, no x-ray equipment, as the case requires diagnosis, the quality of analgesia and primary processing you still hold. Drugs, which are used by dentists for local anesthesia of the tooth, enough so you can sleep and in the morning to come for routine dental care. If the sharp pain reappears, you will be directed to the duty doctor who treats patients with acute pain outside the queue. Remember to bring your passport and medical insurance. If this is your first visit to the clinic, to attach you need the same day.
Some private dentistry is also practiced round the clock operation. This allows them to attract more customers, and the number of patients prefer to treat teeth after 22.00. Tight work schedule, traffic jams and other circumstances make it impossible to find time in the afternoon. Call in help city service or use the online directories to find the earliest convenience dentistry.
In small cities, towns and villages receive dental care in the night is problematic. You can call the nearest regional hospital to find out if the dental office the doctor on duty. First aid needs to provide in any hospital, but in highly specialized medical institutions such as maternity hospitals with a sick tooth, it is better not to apply, the maximum you will be offered an injection of analgesic. In hospitals there is REntgen-equipment that allows to diagnose.
If you go nowhere, you need to brush my teeth and try to relieve the pain. Do not attach to the sore spot hot water bottle, better rinse your mouth with soda solution, elixir mouthwash. Often the pills do not help, if the house has a analgin solution for intravenous or intramuscular ─ soak a cotton wool and attach them to the gum and the tooth. You can crush a pill of analgesic, it is better to dusty condition, and apply it to a cotton disk to the affected area. Using this technique requires much less substances and so you will not exceed the recommended dose, even if you change the application will have to once per hour. In the morning you should visit the dentist ─ you must accept without record.