Advice 1: Free how to insert the teeth

Prosthetics is a quite expensive procedure and not everyone can afford to pay for it. In the framework of social support of the poor absolutely free dentures can be installed in the order of the policy of obligatory medical insurance.
Free how to insert the teeth
You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - passport (birth certificate);
  • - proof of income;
  • - certificate on family composition;
  • - reference from place of residence;
  • - help from the clinic;
  • - medical insurance policy;
  • - the insurance pension certificate;
  • - certificate confirming the right to extraordinary prosthetics.
The departments of social protection of the population are writing to all citizens in need of prosthetic dentistry. For the production of all you need to complete an application, present a certificate of family composition, passport, income certificate of the unified form 2-NDFL for three months for each family member specified in the certificate.
Children under 18 need to submit an application, passport, under 14 years – birth certificate and the passport of one of parents, guardians or legal representatives, a certificate of residence form No. 9 of medical certificate confirming the need for prosthetics. The presence of parents, guardians or legal representatives to the arming of all children up to 14 years.
A free replacement is carried out citizens, recognized as the poor, the income of which per family member does not exceed the subsistence minimum established in the region. Insert dentures for free, you can not often than 1 time in 5 years.
To a free replacement will be given a ticket. To obtain medical assistance must within one month in the clinic, which will be specified in the direction. Installed dentures guarantee, which is valid for 12 months. If during this period of dentures, something happened, the medical Commission will determine whose fault it happened. If the fault of the dentist, you put on new dentures or will make the restoration completely free of charge and out of turn.
Citizens who can not move independently, can put the guardians or social workers.
The prosthetics is made of those supplies, which were allocated funds from the budget. If you suffer from allergic reactions and can't tolerate the dentures of the proposed consumables, based on the decision of the medical Commission you are entitled to pay for supplies you need and the difference in the cost of the installation.
Extraordinary free replacement is carried out at a cancer of the gastrointestinal tract, the presence of malignant diseases of the blood, after radical operations on a gastrointestinal tract, in Oncology of the maxillofacial region, after acute injuries that result in lost teeth.
It is necessary to specify the place of residence in the body of Social protection of the population. Prosthetics free of charge. In Moscow and the Moscow region there is a programme which gives you the right to put free dentures to pensioners, after they reach retirement age.
Useful advice
I have very bad teeth. When really pressed, I went to stomatology. He had a tooth pulled and was told to put in order the mouth should be about 50 Tr (only treatment). Such I have no money(even in installments need 7 Tr a month). Very toil, do not sleep at night, constantly on medication. Podskozhite there is a way to cure teeth FREE(or not expensive). Do not write that I had to brush my teeth.

Advice 2 : How to insert the teeth

The aesthetic discomfort of a missing tooth is not the most serious reason to think about prosthetics. In the absence of one or more teeth significantly increases the load on the others, they soon too will require treatment or replacement.
How to insert the teeth
The restoration of a tooth with the help of micro-prosthetics is available if damaged a significant portion of the tooth crown, but the root is in good condition. After the examination, the oral cavity sanation and removal of tooth pulp of the root is made the reference pin-tab and it built up missing part of the tooth, with adjacent crowns are not affected.
Dental implantation is a method in which the jawbone installed a titanium pin and it is worn on the crown of the tooth. The load of the process of chewing food falls on the bone of the jaw, as well as the burden of natural teeth. This eliminates the danger of thinning and reducing the jaw bone volume. During implantation the adjacent teeth are not affected.
Nylon prosthesis is bridges consisting of soft, elastic material. These dentures are attached to adjacent teeth by means of clasps, made of elastic nylon. The installation of such bridges does not require turning the adjacent teeth. The material from which they are made is hypoallergenic and highly aesthetic, due to what is called "invisible." The disadvantage of such prostheses is the elastic deformation during mastication. The load is distributed on the gum and bone tissue beneath it. Is the sagging gums, reducing the volume of the jaw bone.
Installation of dental bridges is made with involvement of the adjacent teeth. Pre-made engraving them, removing the nerve, canal filling, and fit a prosthesis. This design features high reliability and long life.
Clasp prosthesis can be installed in the absence of several teeth in a row on both sides of the jaw and the presence of a healthy to secure. It consists of a metal arc and base, in which is inserted the artificial crown. The prosthesis is attached to the natural teeth by means of clasps or steel hooks. The main load during chewing has on the abutment teeth.
In the absence of the greater part of the teeth on the jaw, can be used plate dentures. They are made of plastic, in which the artificial crown. Such a prosthesis holds the mouth due to the effect of suction to the gums or the palate. The design is durable and reliable.
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