After you start the connection, use the special soft key to access the keyboard that is displayed on the screen after clicking. This is true for most models of cell phones with touch control. Use the keypad to enter an asterisk or the " + " sign, or any combination of these buttons, and then activated mode tone input on your phone. Also note on the menu in modee call, perhaps your model supports changing of the tone set in this way.
During a call, press the shortcut menu item "enter the room" then you will appear on the screen menu of the set of numbers, enter a combination to activate tone dial specific to your model of mobile device. To view this information, you can browse your phone, or read the instructions to him, which is standard on mobile devices.
If you have a regular phone with mechanical buttons, in modee, press and hold the button with the star icon or the "+" sign for a while. Please note that initially, any phone is in tone modee-dial, so in most cases, when you say switch to this mode, mean that this option has been modified by you previously. The same thing applies to phones.
If your touchscreen phone for one reason or another does not support keyboard input with active call, consult the relevant service center as this may indicate a malfunction: the buttons, whatever they were, must be held down. Also the problem may be a virus or firmware in the case, if the phone is old enough or you have not installed the original program.