Important needs of the baby are feeding, wakefulness and sleep. Try to meet them in the neonatal period so that pipsqueak realized that eat, sleep and awake - very nice. And if indeed you manage to do so, you will be able to prevent many behavior problems of the kid in the first year of life.
Caring for the baby, try to guess his needs before he used his last resort is to cry, to announce that he needs your attention. Of course, at first it is difficult to determine what is needed for the baby: he wants to eat or drink, he's hurt or he can't sleep. To solve any of these problems is very simple, putting the baby to your breast, not following the schedule and feeding time. So set your emotional contact with the baby, the baby has formed the feeling that the mother takes it.
Adapt for baby: the period of life under the regime will come later. And at first, learning the time of wakefulness, sleep and feeding the crumbs, you'll see that the kid himself will help to establish the desired schedule. In infancy, your task will be to adjust his regime of changing needs of the child. Don't forget that each week needs the crumbs change in the qualitative or quantitative parameters, but their essence remains the same. Try to understand the essence of change and enable it in the schedule of the crumbs slightly to update it. For example, as it wanders off to do more long walks, more time to devote to wakefulness, games for kids, etc.
During feeding baby will not be distracted for anything else that this process is entrenched in the minds of crumbs as a nice feeling not only satisfied hunger, but also has left positive emotions.
The baby can be calm only when he feels that the mother is somewhere nearby that she knows exactly what he needs and satisfy his need. While such a pattern not be repeated several times, the baby will be worried. Therefore, the sleep crumbs will be calm only if mom will be around. Babies feel the style and rhythm of movement, sounds and smell of mom. If you sleep together, enough crumbs of your breath and smell. If the baby is asleep in the other room, he would constantly Wake up to check where his mom was. So put his bed next to yours, then the baby will sleep, waking only for feeding, and in the morning Wake up cheerful and rested.