In the first month of a newborn try to completely "dive" into the baby. Ask loved ones to help you so you could concentrate on any incoming guests or for a household. During this first period, you need to understand the needs of the child, to learn how to satisfy them. At this stage you and he learn together. After all, the state of the mother and baby are very interdependent: if one is experiencing discomfort, then the other is also bad.
Food is an essential need of the baby. Make sure that while feeding the baby , you were alone with him. Especially important is the rule in his first week of life. The duration of feeding will determine the child. Whatever was the baby at the breast, no need to take it while the kid himself did not release a breast from his mouth. Very often a newborn can sleep in a few minutes after the start of feeding. Don't worry about it. A little after dozing for a while, the kid again will start to suck.
When the baby starts to cry, he still did not know what he wants, what he needs to. Feeling discomfort, he tells you about it. What exactly caused the discomfort, the kid will learn to understand later. Problem mom in response to him crying to offer him the milk, give him a toy, a diaper change or cover with a warm blanket. Thus the kid can learn to navigate their own needs and tune into a certain mode. Remember that the child is put to the breast, not only in order to eat. Any discomfort the newborn is freed with the help of sucking, because not yet know the other ways.
Never Wake a sleeping baby to feed him or change. A healthy baby knows when it is time to awake to sleep or eat. Parents ' intuition and knowledge about how to handle a baby, how to calm him down, when to feed, nature has in a woman. Be attentive to the needs of scraps, learn to understand it, organize the feeding. After the time mode that the child with your help will establish itself.