Install the kid mode. A clear agenda allows the baby to know what to expect. Following the mode, you will always know what time baby usually gets tired, hungry or ready to play. This does not mean that you must live strictly by the hour, but doing certain things at the same time, you will adjust in a measured and relaxed pace of life
Before going to sleep, create a comfortable environment for your baby. Put baby to sleep on a full stomach. Before going to sleep well ventilate the room. Not okutyvaya baby at a comfortable temperature for sleeping 18-20 degrees. Check diaper, turn off external stimuli — TV, computer.
Put your baby to sleep always in the same place. If the baby NAPs in the same place and in the night, he having a clear Association of this place with sleep. Create before the day stay exactly the same atmosphere of peace, as the night before. Extinguish the light, read him a story, sing a song that the child understood that it was sleep time.
Place your baby at the first signs of fatigue. Then he will fall asleep quickly. If you put it time to go to sleep it will be much harder. Signs of fatigue many of the kids are similar: some are beginning to RUB his eyes as fists, the other capricious, and others become lethargic for a long time and absently looking at the surrounding objects.
Encourage your child to fall asleep independently, children can learn with three months. Not ukazyvaete it, give the child the opportunity to calm down and sleep. Put him next to his favorite toy, let him snuggle with her. When will he learn to fall asleep himself, a NAP will be longer.
To teach your baby to respect the sleep mode is quite difficult, be patient. If you start to do that from the first months of a child's life, it will be easier to form healthy habits.