Advice 1: How sleeping neonates

A long sleep for newborns is of great importance. Parents should try to observe the daily rate of sleep, depending on age of the child.
How sleeping neonates

Perfect day regimen of the newborn

For new baby it is very difficult to achieve a clear mode of the day. The kid just gets used to live and for him this is a huge burden, but the mess should not be allowed. It is important to observe the daily rate of sleep. She is 18-20 hours. At night, the toddler can Wake up to eat 2-3 times. In a few months when the baby is a little settled, he can sleep 2 hours less, that is 16-18 hours.

Newborn there is no difference when to Wake up or fall asleep. Therefore, the best option will be to try to accustom the baby to the family routine. Of course, have to listen to the biorhythms of the baby. More clear mode will be set after three months.

Restless sleep of the newborn and its causes

A strong healthy sleep talking - "like a baby". But chest baby wakes up several times per night.

The baby closes his eyes and falls asleep. His face depicts a cute grimace. This period is called the phase of a superficial sleep, or active, phase. Its duration is on average about 40 minutes. During this time some children may appear to be fast asleep, the other twitching of the eyeballs, wiggling arms, legs, shudder, than lead parents in the confusion. At such moments, the child is very easy to Wake up.

After that comes the phase of deep sleep. Externally it can be distinguished by a relaxed posture, serene facial expression. The duration of this period in newborns less than an hour, but with a growing baby duration will increase.

Have babies during the night the superficial and deep dreams alternate to 6 times. The active phase of sleep mostly, so baby wakes up even with a slight stimulus. Such as hunger, for example, or his own involuntary movement, wince.

The mother should not be afraid to take the baby to his bed after his night waking. She will be able to cuddle and feed him, and he quickly fell asleep.

It often happens that a mother, only giving up his seemingly sleeping child in cot, out of the room, and then hears the cry of warning that the baby woke up. Most likely, the baby is not yet plunged into a deep sleep. It is worth to stay with the child a little more than usual.

Bed is no place for games

The reason for the lack of sleep in young mothers and fathers are often night games, when the baby woke up and is awake for a long time. If this becomes a habit, then parents will forget about normal sleep. One explanation may be that the child is taught to play on the bed and he sees it as a field for entertainment. It is important to make it clear to your baby that bed is a place to sleep.

Of course, there are more serious reasons which prevent to sleep to the newborn. First of all, it's a pain in the tummy, stuffy nose.

Advice 2 : Can baby sleep on side

Parents sometimes tormented by the question of whether, in what position should the baby sleep. On the one hand, it's simple – a child can sleep as it is more convenient. On the other hand, many of you have probably heard that sleeping on your side threat.
Can baby sleep on side
Snoring peacefully sleeping baby is a very touching sight. However, many parents very hard to put their children to sleep, and they have to go to different tricks.

In what position should sleep a very young child?

If you do not know how and in what position is better to put down your baby, remember that it all depends on the age of the child. So, infants and children up to six months, on the contrary, it is recommended to lay on his side. In the supine position, the baby may spit up and choke after that. Such a situation is not rare. In the prone position on a stomachthe child is not always comfortable, besides there is a danger that the baby head hit the pillow and also suffocate. It remains only to put the baby on its side and flip it regularly so it did not numb the side of the body on which he lies.
Turn the sleeping baby on the left side and right side.

In addition, you should know that a small child not to put his head on the pillow, as this can cause curvature of the spine.

In what position to sleep to older children?

As for older children, discussion of possible poses for high-quality sleep is for a long time. Each physician has their own idea about how and in what position should the baby sleep. Sleep on your left side creates a serious strain on the heart and impairs blood circulation. At the same time, scientists did some research and found out that sleeping on your left side extends life.
Examples are the Tibetan monks who sleep on their left side and maintain good health almost up to 120 years.

This position during sleep is not recommended for children with a predisposition to cardiovascular disease. The fact that all of the load when falling asleep on your left side is immediately transferred to the right lung, and this may affect negatively on the work of the right hemisphere of the brain and on circulation. In addition, when a person lies for a long time on the left side, he aktiviziruyutsya the liver and increases metabolism, because through the right part of the body is the energy that increases the workload on the heart. So pediatricians are very strongly expressed about children sleep in this position. Sleep on the right side, on the contrary, it is recommended, especially with straight legs. This position allows you to overcome feelings of sadness and anxiety. In this situation it is recommended to pack delicate and nervous children. When falling asleep in the position on the right side regulates the blood circulation and decreases stress on the heart.

The child sleep on his right side with slightly bent legs has a beneficial effect on activities of all organs of digestion.
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