Then must go to the feeding regime (on the clock). The first 3-3. 5 months it is recommended to feed the baby every 3 hours. For example, 6-00, 9-00, 12-00, etc. after only a couple of weeks of this regime you will notice that the baby became calmer. Through the month the child will begin to Wake up to the need of time alone. And all because his body is already accustomed to the regime and will not require food every half hour.

When the baby is a little older, approximately 3 months, you can increase the interval between feedings to 3.5 hours. However, you will notice that your baby started to eat less. So, it's time to take a break for half an hour more. Table feedings will be 6: 00 am, 9: 30 am, 13-00, etc.

To six months when you enter the first feeding, the interval between feedings increases up to 4 hours. And this is the final stage. Now the child eats at 6-00, 10-00, 14-00, etc. And in between you can give your baby juice, puree or curd.

Than good feeding regime?

For a child

The baby will become calmer. Will not be screaming every 20-30 minutes, demanding to eat. Now he'll get to eat well at a certain time, not every half hour a little bit. You'll sleep better. Baby will sleep better, because it will be full. And most of it now don't care.

For mom

My mother will be personal time. While the baby is asleep, you can safely take a shower, shop or hairdresser, to do cleaning or cooking, to give time to her husband. And you can just sleep knowing that the next 3 hours the baby will not require your attention. A satisfied baby will sleep soundly in his crib. No problems with walks. Feeding a baby, can safely go to the Park. After all, you've got 3 hours to walk!

One of my friends was afraid to go out walking with my newborn daughter. And all because the child was not accustomed to the feeding regime. Girl screaming every 15-20 minutes. Poor mom didn't know what to do. Their trips always ended the same way – 20 minutes later, the mother runs with a screaming baby home to eat.

The hard part is not to give a weakness from the beginning. If you have decided to accustom the child to the feeding regime training. Do not wait for the result from the first day. When the baby wakes up and cries, take hands shake, he'll fall asleep. When it's feeding time – take the arms and attach to the chest. After 3-4 days the baby will become accustomed to the regime. And you will notice how easier it has become.

The feeding by the clock is the main advantage – you will not have problems with milk (breastfeeding). Milk will come in equal portions at the right time. So, your child will be always satisfied and full. And that's what matters now!