Two months baby daytime sleep

The two-month baby for more than three hours awake. After sleeping the baby starts when he plays with his parents, watching the world go by. However, not every child is able to fall asleep without help from mom. And if the time of wakefulness of the baby is delayed more than 2 hours, it can be weary.

Mom can help your child to sleep, if the shadow of the window curtains from bright light, shook the baby, breastfeeding will wrap him in a blanket. The child then falls asleep within 10-15 minutes. It happens that the child will perekusit, not falling asleep for 50 minutes In his restless sleep it will be noticeable, the child will wince, tugging arms, legs and eyes.

During the day the child is 2 months old need to sleep 4 times. Moreover, these dreams are different in length. Two sleep should last at least 1.5-2 hours. And the rest can continue for at least half an hour. These short dreams can take place simultaneously with feeding. And it's perfectly normal for babies. Later, when the kid grows up, he will be able to fall asleep without the breast.

Two months baby: night sleep

Some babies are already eight weeks can sleep for the whole night. But most babies still Wake up every 3-4 hours for eating or drinking. Often babies can confuse day with night and start the night awake as day. It is important not to indulge the baby, and gently show you what the night is for sleeping. For this is the night to talk to the child in a whisper not to play with him. It is also necessary to include a night light instead of bright light, not to use loud appliances.

But the day on the contrary - it is necessary to give the baby to play with bright toys, talking loudly with him, play music, walk, etc. But do not overload the child with many experiences and stress. If the family has a friendly atmosphere, the baby is not too overtired during the day, then at night it will be quieter and last longer. Therefore the mother should be to closely watch the behavior of the baby during the day. And to put him to sleep when he rubs his eyes, etc.

Night sleep babies and children who are on artificial feeding are almost indistinguishable. However, breastfeeding is easier and faster to put the baby back to sleep if my mom is around. Only in this case it is necessary to ensure that the baby is actively sucking on the breast. Otherwise, the baby sleep is short and my mom wouldn't sleep.

But if the mother has to prepare the mixture at night, little crying, waiting or begin to actively stay awake. It is not necessary to force the baby to sleep at night without eating, with the aim to teach it to the regime. By 5-6 months, his night sleep will be much longer.