To accustom a newborn to eat at mode is when lactation has already been established, i.e. after the first weeks of life of the child. During this time the mother begins to realize after a period of time, after the previous feeding, begins to arrive the milk, how much the baby eats and how often asks for the breast. The feeding regime is necessary to maintain therefore, to avoid such unpleasant phenomena as colic. The interval between feedings should be about 2.5-3 hours. So they say in most manuals, however, is not always possible to comply with it. The reasons may be many, for example, the kid eats not. In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to what mom eats. Perhaps her milk is not fat enough or not enough milk, and therefore may need supplemental foods mixture.
If the kid is on artificial feeding, that is, drink instead of mother's milk mix, here everything is much easier, as it allowed more and dobivanie plain water. Of course, to give water and babies that are breastfed, however, many pediatricians do not recommend that my mother did not decreased the amount of milk. To satisfy the sucking reflex often use a pacifier, so you can calm hungry and crying while mom is preparing the mixture. Thus, it is possible to control the time of receiving the baby of the mixture, bringing it to a desired mode.
The best way to teach a child to one mode of feeding is to feed him at the same time. To deviate from the established rules when the kid is sick and needs the breast not only to satisfy hunger, but also to calm down, to feel the mother's protection. It is not necessary to bring a newborn baby to a hysterical crying hungry only for what you before eating for regime lacks ten minutes. It is immaterial deviation and are acceptable.
During wakefulness the newborn , try to give it more attention, to play, to distract his attention, do gymnastics, walk. If the baby gets fussy, do not try to immediately give him a bottle with formula or breast. This creates the risk that his body will not have time to digest food after the last feeding, and it will result in colic and anxiety, regurgitation of food.