To develop a regime of a newborn, every day we need to adhere to the daily routine that is convenient and comfortable for you and for him. Free feeding - on-demand baby - now widely practiced by young moms, but not always, it helps to ensure the desired mode. But feeding on a schedule every 3-4 hours, produces reflex: the child to the position of the time begins to stand out gastric juice, he eats and eats posited norm. Feeding on schedule helps to establish the correct mode of the day for the newborn.
Arrange day and evening walks at the same time. Infants usually sleep in the fresh air. If you happen to stroll at the same time a child develop into a power NAP mode.
If the child sleeps at home, keep normal situation. Not draws the curtains − let the room will be light, do not try to create complete silence. So the baby will get the idea about the time of day.
Putting your child at night, every day repeat the same actions. For example, after bathing and hygiene will dim the lights in the room, close the curtains, start to speak softly. Feed the baby and start his swing. Sing a lullaby. If this ritual of bedtime will become a daily, a child will soon get used to that after bathing he had to sleep.
If the child wakes up at night for feeding, it is not necessary to turn on the light is quite subdued light of a lamp. Feed the child at night in silence, don't talk to them and especially don't laugh. After feeding, turn off the nightlight and put the baby back to sleep.
If under any circumstances the child has broken the usual mode of the day, and he started awake at night, do not let him too much to sleep during the day, entertain him, wear on the hands. In other words, the child should be tired a day to sleep well at night.