For starters, spend a kind of revision of his work. Of course, not all his works makes sense to publish. Some of them can be "raw", undeveloped, or simply poor quality. Pick up a number of his poems, which are United on a specific subject. This can be, for example, the lyrical subject, poems about love and friendship, thinking "about time and about itself". It is desirable to include in a future collection of works of different years, placing them in chronological order.
If you find that your thematic collection is not complete, it's not scary. Our Outlook on life and themselves are constantly changing, so you need to leave at the end of the collection a kind of "loophole" for future works, some dots... Perhaps resulting in the order of their poems, you will feel a new creative impulses, which can result in a fine poem, anticipating or completing a collection.
Go to the technical part of publishing. Your book has a chance to see the light, if properly laid out and decorated. Do some market research. Contact the nearest printing and publishing to find out what the requirements of the publishers present to collections of poetry. Also find out what are the requirements for layout of the future book, determine which costs time and cash you have before you pick up your book.
Agree with the designer and coder that will help you create the layout of the book. If you want to take responsibility for the layout in your hands, you will have to master several computer programs that allow to bring the materials into a single, formatted and ready for publication.
Separately calculate the upcoming costs. They will consist of payment on the layout of the book, the work of a designer-decorator, and the number of instances that you want to. Be careful because the small circulation of the collection at first glance seems a viable solution. The total cost will be low, but each instance of your creation will be several times more expensive edition issued in large numbers.
Consult with experts about the quality of paper, printing method and design of the collection. Offset printing on newsprint, and even in soft cover will be several times cheaper than publishing on glossy paper and hard cover with embossing. The choice is determined solely by your financial capabilities or the ability to attract sponsors.
Take the final decision regarding the technical details and give the future a collection in publishing, pre-Covenant with him. And soon will come the happy moment when you will be able to pick up the first copy of the book containing your innermost thoughts that you are willing to share with the reader.