Advice 1: Where I can post their own poems

You have a budding poet at one point the question arises – how to make them read others? Local Newspapers are reluctant to publish poetry, "thick" magazine to break hard to publish the book at his own expense – it's expensive. But in the Internet there are many resources where you can post your poems.
To have your poems read, not necessarily to publish a book

The oldest poetic resource

One of the first literary resources on the web" website "Poems.<url>", colloquially known as "stanza". This is a free server with free registration. To register on the site is quite simple, you need to make the normal data. You can create your own page and post your own poems, written in different genres. Decided to post a poem, click on the link on the page. You will see boxes where you can enter name and text, and to affix the category. Publish the poem. You can be sure it will be read that evening, and maybe write a review. On this resource you can publish critical articles, prose poems, poetic translations.

Poetry, publishing, and other

Poetry and prose can be placed on the site of "Samizdat.<url>. This resource with the free publication. You can specify information about yourself – your interests, the city in which you live, about his views on literature. Before you publish the work, you must read the rules. Works must comply with the requirements of the Russian legislation. Quite large and old poetry resource Poetry.<url>. There can be not only poetry, but also essays and critical articles on poetry. On this resource there are constant discussions of literary works, sometimes very stormy.

Especially for translators

For more than ten years, there is a literary resource dedicated to poetic translation. This "Age of translation". It consists of the actual website, where each interpreter has its own page and forum. Free publication on the main site is not provided, first the translator must participate in the forum. Incidentally, the forum has a section where poets-translators publish their own poetry.

Social network

Nothing prevents to place his poetry in social networks. More suited for this platform "LiveJournal". "VKontakte" and "Facebook" is less convenient. In social networks you can publish what you wonder and find fellow writers. In every social network there are communities, who visit those who writes poetry or just likes to read them. To find a suitable group, it is enough to specify in the interests of poetry, to go to your page and click on the link below. If you are not satisfied with the already existing community, you can always create your own. Poems can be published in blogs and on other platforms, for example, in "My world" or on Google+.

Advice 2: Where you can create your own free website

Today in the Internet there are several resources that allow free to create to each user a full page in the Internet. The designers of such sites have extensive functionality that allows you to adjust many parameters of the resource in accordance with any requirements. But because such sites are well suited for both beginners and advanced webmasters.
Where you can create your own free website

Designers sites

Ucoz is one of the most popular resources to create a full featured business card website or small blog. Controls the control panel allows the user to change the page design.

Advanced webmasters have the opportunity to use the editors CSS code and HTML, which are also available in the interface. If you have experience of using the system you will learn how to insert your own graphics, change the layout of the pages and create original websites. The service is free and does not charge any additional fees to the user.
For beginners in building sites available ready-made themes and easy to use visual editor that allows directly on the screen to customize the design.

Among the alternative designers with similar functionality can be noted Nethouse, WIX or Jimdo. These resources have a simple interface that can be more understandable to the novice user.

Free hosting

If you already have an idea about the structure and technology of construction sites, you can to fill resource needs content and write your own code for the site. Free hosting will be a good opportunity to run sites with a small attendance, for example, websites or personal blogs that have low attendance.

Providers that don't charge for hosting, to benefit use other methods. For example, many hosting companies post their ads on the web pages of their customers, thus offsetting the fees. Sometimes free tariff plans are implemented in companies that have just opened and need to expand their audience.

Among the Russian web hosts you can note the resource Hostinger, which provides free pack of PHP or MySQL, 100 GB monthly traffic 2 GB space on the hard disk. These requirements will satisfy the most novice of webmasters creating their first sites.
Also popular are,, and Virtual Avenue.

To search for a suitable free host you can use the resources-databases, which contain data on most hosting companies both in Russia and abroad.

Foreign hosting companies often offer free accounts on their servers, which, however, may not be sufficiently rapid for the Russian website. The reason for the low speed may be the location of the site on servers located outside of Russia that may be the reason of falling of popularity of the resource and the inability of some users to visit your project.
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