You will need
  • written book, computer, Internet access.
Find the publisher to print the book at his expense. Initially, you need to find a publisher that wants to publish your book. Contacts and their cooperation with new authors can be easily found on the Internet. Is not necessary to consider the major publishers. Even better, on the contrary, to choose a company less known. Popular companies tend to be less interested in cooperation with new talents they have and customers are missing.
Send manuscript to the address indicated. Better to send the manuscript to several publishers. On average the book can be viewed 3 months (sometimes six months). Thus it is necessary to periodically call and ask about the editor's decision.
Sign the contract with the publisher. In the contract in the mandatory prescribed the author's royalties. As a rule, it is a certain percent of the cost of each book. Accordingly, the total amount of the payments depends on the circulation. The edition specifies the publishing house, but in the case of demand it can be increased.
Print the book at his own expense. In this case, everything is easier – you need to find a publisher that at reasonable prices will be able to print the desired number of copies. By the way, for a certain percentage of such organizations willing to help the novice author and the distribution of books.
Place the book on the relevant Internet portals. Today, the network distributed electronic library, which houses a variety of works in the public domain. This is not the way to benefit, but the method of achieving popularity. If your book will appeal to people, then certainly there is a publisher that wants to publish it, and you in turn will receive an outstanding fee.
Refer to the literary agent. This profession in our country at the moment is not prevalent. However, it was a literary agent for a fee (fixed or percentage) can help you to find a publisher that wants to publish your book.