What to consider when publishing books

If the publisher refused to promote your book, don't give up. Your creation still has to go out, it is no wonder that you spend a lot of time.
First, try to distribute your book in all the editions that exist in your city. If they refuse you, then proceed to self-release.

To start, find the publisher with the most affordable printing services. The cheapest services usually offer small print shops and companies engaged in the production of business cards, brochures and notepads.

Don't expect from a large circulation, as it will cost very expensive. Focus on small print run (approximately 300-400 copies).

At recalculation of cost of books per unit of output, one can see that small circulation is more expensive than a large. This is because to take in bulk is always cheaper. But if you have no money in the opt, will have to settle for what we have.

Then you will need a good editor, which will handle all of the material, subtracts it and fix all the errors. For these services you will have to pay about $ 300. In addition to the editor, you need to hire an artist to draw illustrations. If you plan to save additional money and illustrate the cover, these services of the artist are usually worth 50-100 dollars.

To save money, you can subtract the text, edit it, adjust, and submit the cover page, the cover, illustrations and hand over the book to the printers. But you have to be sure that they are able to do it alone.

How much will the release of the book

So, what is included in the cost of the circulation:

- the book: the more characters, the more money you have to spend;
- the quality of the paper;
- cover type: soft version is much cheaper solid;
- book color: colorful design will cost significantly more black-and-white version;
- prepress (photo processing and illustrations).
Each book is assigned the international code ISSN or ISBN. It will cost approximately $ 20.

The amount of circulation in 300 copies will be about the following - 1700-2000 dollars, it includes:
- assignment of the individual number – 20.e.;
- preparation of cover 60.e.;
- proofreading and editing – 600.e.;
- make – up- 100.e.;
- solid colored cover – 900.e.

Remember, even if you were denied free circulation, it is necessary to publish the book myself. Only then you will be able to notice in the literary world. Especially because next time it will be much easier, as the publishers probably agree to do the work previously published authors.