Most publishers accept texts in electronic form only, in the format *.doc that is created in Microsoft Word. Format *.doc supports the program and OpenOffice, but I can work with Microsoft Office.
The text should be properly decorated, you can read on the websites of the publishers, for authors. Basic requirements: the text should be on A4 page, typed in Times New Roman or Courier New size 12 points. Line spacing – single, hyphenation is turned off, the left alignment.
You should know that the chances of publication of your work depends largely on its genre and size. For example, to publish a collection of short stories is practically impossible – except at their own expense. It is difficult to publish poetry. But if you write detective or science fiction novel, your chances increase. Please note that the publication commonly accepted texts of 10 to 15 author's sheets. Can be issued even good texts volume 20 author's sheets, but better do not exceed the recommended volume of 15 sheets. One author's sheet is equal to 40 thousand characters with spaces according to the "Statistics"tab.
Along with the sent text in a separate file, you need to make the synopsis concise, no more than 1-2 pages, describe the plot. In the letter to which you attach the files text and synopsis, write about your offer – let the name of the novel genre, don't forget to include your name and contact details.
After sending the text, you will just have to wait. Usually the result is known in 2-3 months, sometimes you have to wait longer. In case of failure you nobody will tell, so about once every couple months to remind about yourself – interests, have you considered your text.
Is it possible to send text to several publishers? Yes, but if your text take in any publishers, be sure to write in all others in which you have sent, and ask them to remove your text from consideration, as it is already accepted for publication.