For the original author's work, offered for sale, you are unlikely to pay the money. Accordingly, if you want to earn from your creativity, get ready to write custom poemsthat will be required by the client. Try contacting commercial organizations that require the poetry for greeting cards, festive agencies, etc.
In order for a potential customer interested in you, publish your portfolio online. Use to embed his poems popular portal, for example Sign up and post your best and most interesting poems. A link to the portfolio you can provide to any employer.
Don't sit in the shadows – participate in the poetry contest, go to the event, which brings together poets, perform at various poetry readings where people read their poems. It is likely that during this performance you will notice.
Register on the portals for freelancers and remote workers, where it is easy to find potential customers, and where you can demonstrate your level and battle with competitors.
Also not superfluous will be to register and post your portfolio directly at the portals where copywriters offer their own services. Feed yourself on such websites as poet and author, and perhaps customers will notice you. Also you can track your current and actual job and to offer their services to customers.
If your poems are really good, create your own website and pay attention to its promotion and advancement in the network. If you become a kind of brand, it will add value to your poems. Promote your website in search engines and use for the promotion of contextual advertising.
Find a company or firm which requires a registered poetry, and offer your services. Often poetic greetings are required on various celebrations on the birthdays and anniversaries of leaders, chiefs and Directors of various organizations, and in such cases the employees of companies are turning to copywriters.
You can also offer your services on writing songs – some producers are hired to do this, individual authors, and if you want try to contact the advertising Agency with a proposal to be poetic slogans.