You will need
  • - Connect to the Internet;
  • - Money.
What to do if you feel, at the very least, a capable poet, and you want to get your poems read not only by close family and friends? If publishers don't bombarded you with requests to get published they have bragging rights.
The cheapest way to publish poems – register for the national poetry Poetry server.<url>. Every posted here is a work receives a certificate of the publication of the Russian literary club. As well as Poetry.<url> is a registered electronic media, and your poems will get the status printed in a newspaper or magazine. In addition, you will have the chance to be noticed by the famous poet or the publisher.
Join the literary club or the writers ' Union. To learn more about active organizations here Read the conditions of entry, apply. If you are really a talented poet, you will have the opportunity to print their poems with the support of the club/Union.
Participate in contests of poetry. They are free (you can find them yourself). The organisers of the latest is likely to send you their ads as soon as you position yourself as a poet on any popular poetry website. Winning the competition can bring you a publication in the journal, or even paid for a collection of poems.
Print the poems at his own expense. If participation in the contest seems too tedious, or you doubt the validity of you judges, try to print a few copies of her poetry collection alone. Service print in small batches offered by many print shops. The advantage is that the cost can include getting ISBN, distribution to libraries, etc.
Don't give up! Money for printing verses, and yet the desire to publish your work is not lost? Write directly to publishers. On the official sites always have the information for authors. Choose a publishing house specializing in poetry, find out their requirements for works, and send their masterpieces. If you're lucky, the publisher will pay for the printing of your poetry, and even engaged in their realization.
Keep in mind that editors always have a lot of work, so the answer may come after six months. If the answer is no, then most likely, your creativity at this time is not appreciated. Don't be discouraged, keep trying and you will succeed!