The first way to sell poetry across the Internet - create your own specialized website. The presence of such Internet pages will allow you to publish your work and attract potential buyers and publishers. Thus, it is possible to find buyers than just the finished work, but to passively look for potential customers for new poems. The network is now actively developed a niche writing poems, stories and congratulations on the order. Future customers can see your creations, read style of writing and be interested in working with you.
You can try to find a job writing poems on their own. In the network there are many sites offering the drafting of congratulations texts and poems. Many companies that produce greeting cards, also willing to cooperate with new authors and usually on your own web page, post relevant information and examples of test items for potential authors. After successful completion of this task with the authors of the poems, the contract is signed.
If you don't want to write poems to order and strictly on topic determined by the employer, and want to sell the results of their free creativity, you need to search for contacts of their respective publishers are willing to work with beginners and little-known authors. Contacting them via the Internet, you can send them examples of your work. Of course, the search of the publishing house requires a certain share of luck and masses of perseverance is hardly the first publisher will offer you a lucrative contract and wants to publish a collection of your poems. However, such efforts rebeccalyne: your talent can find a lot of admirers.