Where are the fleas

Fleas may have a family pet, even if he provided the best care and he rarely walks in the neighborhood with stray animals. For example, a dog can "catch" fleas in the place where shortly before she walked the flea-bitten cat or dog. The fact that these bloodsuckers are capable of long time to survive on leaves of trees, among fallen leaves and in the grass. And in the pursuit of food sources, i.e. animals, they can overcome relatively large distances. The length of one jump the flea can reach 350 mm, and in height they jump by as much as 250 mm, that is, to catch up and climb, even on a large dog costs them nothing. In addition, larvae of fleas can get into the house, where the animal on the soles of shoes or clothing of the host. And if an adult animal can get rid of fleas, treating his hair with a special veterinary products, which include harsh chemicals, in the case of insect infestation two month old puppy to take not worth it.

How to rid puppy from fleas

At an early age any animal tolerate the presence of fleas in my hair very hard, and dogs are no exception. At two months of age the puppy is not able to cope with blood-sucking insects even in a small degree. Moreover, he may simply not understand what gives him such anxiety, and to mislead his master a plaintive whining, loss of appetite. Often the symptoms of fleas in puppies is similar to the initial stage of a disease, and the owners often do not even suspect that the malaise caused by the pet biting insects.

If you find a flea in the fur of two months the puppy should immediately adopt measures for their destruction. You can use folk remedies, if the number of individuals of insects is not large, for example, ceramiczny water. If the large number of fleas in the coat of the puppy should have to take more serious measures. The easiest option is to use a special shampoo against fleas that can be bought at the vet or specialty store. To use the tool must accurately according to the attached instructions, and after applying a coat of your puppy should be thoroughly rinsed in running water and immediately dried. Such processing will need to repeat at least 3 times.

To apply the flea drops or collars for getting rid of insects two month old puppies are not recommended, as they can lick the tool with your own body, or to remove and gnaw the collar, which is fraught with serious poisoning.

How to prevent fleas puppy

But it is best not to withdraw the fleas from the puppy, and to prevent their occurrence. Preventive measures to carry out much easier, after all, make sure to regularly inspect his coat, wash his bedding in hot water with ordinary household or baby soap and iron it after washing with a hot iron. In addition, you must treat the room, where pet disinfectants.